CVO will receive 10 MiG-31BM



This year's service in the Central Military District (CVO) will go about ten modernized fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM, able to simultaneously pointing weapons at air targets six out of ten, said the commander of the 2nd Air Force and Air Defense Command CVO Victor Sevostianov.

MiG-31BM can simultaneously track up to ten air targets simultaneously guided weapons on six of them. Updated interceptors will be able to interact with ground anti-aircraft missile systems, and to coordinate the actions of other fighters in the link. Flight characteristics of the MiG-31BM compared to previous versions of the interceptor will not change. The aircraft can reach speeds of up to 2.5 million km / h (referring to cruising speed). Fighter Combat radius — 720 km ", — said Maj. Gen. Sevostianov.

He said that a fighter can detect targets at ranges of up to 320 km and hit them at a distance of 280 km. Sevostyanova added that, in general, by 2020 CVO will be updated to 70% of military aviation technology.


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