Cvyatara punished for the consecration of the cross

Father Leonid detained at 7:00 am in Minsk near the house. In Starodorozhski Tribunal brought to 12 hours. For a couple of minutes before the court priest mentioned that for his life sanctified 10s crosses, but to judge him for it will be the first time. According to the protocol police Leonid Akulovich was one of the organizers of an unauthorized meeting, but he did not recognize:
"From the beginning I did not sign the protocol because it did not plead organizer. Because only consecrated cross, and did not intend to, and did not call a meeting."
Recall, April 19 in the village Drazhna Darohi district was established six-pointed cross in memory of the 25 peaceful farmers killed Russian partisans in 1943. Cross consecrated priest Leonid Akalovich. Later, the police drew up a report on the organizers of the event, which was rated as unauthorized assembly.
Judged Leonid Akalovich referee Sergei Epihov. In a telephone conversation arbitrator declined to comment on the verdict, and even a journalist to say about him "Radio Liberty":
"I am with you personally do not know, do not know you from" Freedom "or where. You can call this person a citizen."
Earlier Leonid Akalovich, in April and May, per share measures were sentenced to 15 days public activist Siuchyk books and creator of the village disaster Drazhna Victor Hursik. Oh, so the researcher commented sentence dad Leonid Akalovich:
"I am in despair. Remembering that five guards named Kutuzov guerrilla unit got another win under the peaceful population of the village Drazhna. Intimidated Management District veterans, so they once again kept their mouths shut. And just punished Ales Apanasevich who brought a shovel, so UKAP cross. "
After several days after the establishment of cross dismantled and taken to the village Zaluzha Orthodox parish where he is to This time. Press secretary of the diocese of Minsk Belarusian Orthodox Church Andrew Pertashkevich to my inquiry about the fate of the cross replied:
"I have to prepare, gather information, and whereupon we’ll discuss it directly. "
Siuchyk activist, who was also punished for the establishment of the cross reads:
"It dredging, of course, is not over., We hope that Bishop Filaret to resolve the issue and the memory of those who were martyred during the war, will be immortalized tribute way."

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