Czech manufacturer of hydraulic localize production in Russia

In St. Petersburg, the official meeting of the representatives of JSC "North Sea" with the company "Tes Vsetin, sro" Czech Republic for the signing of the Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of future development projects (reconstruction, modernization and construction) of small hydropower facilities and the location of production elements and parts of hydraulic generators in Russia.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia Valentin Cimili, Consul of the Czech Republic Karel Haramza (Karel Charamza), Vice-Consul Malek Vladimir (Vladimir Malek), Managing Director of "Nord Hydro" Alexey Vinogradov, Director General of "Tes Vsetin, sro" Bechvarzh David (David Becvar), leading specialists of companies, members of the cooperation agreement.

Agreement on the localization of production process equipment for renewable energy sources in the Russian Federation, will revive and lead to the level of the world standards for the production of small hydro power generators, to reduce the cost of the equipment, create new jobs, I'm sure the Russian side.

In the agreement, the parties have defined criteria that provide production in the Russian Federation 56 generators with total capacity of 137.5 MW in the period 2013 2020g.g. in order to install them in hydro power plants planned to be commissioned by JSC "North Sea" as part of its own program of reconstruction and construction of new hydropower plants.

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