Damascus under the full control of the Syrian army

Damascus under the full control of the Syrian army
Syrian Army drove the rebels from the last region of Damascus, which they held. Currently, all the Syrian capital are kept under the control of government forces, reports AFP referring to the unknown brigadier general.

According to the Syrian authorities, the last stronghold of the rebels in Damascus was Tadamun region, which is adjacent to the camp of Palestinian refugees living there as Syrians and Palestinians.

That the insurgents retreated from the region, and anti-government activists justified. However, they say that the rebels remain in the town and continue to carry out attacks on the army point, reports Lenta.Ru.

Meanwhile, another Syrian city of Aleppo as before enveloped battles. It was reported that the rebels, who had previously zavlyali that clinched the Syrian army about 60% zemlel town Aleppo (Aleppo), said that the Air Force was hit Syria. Current disk imaging confirmation from other sources do not.

In addition, the opposition seized government television building in the north of the town, but later they had to move.

In the last hours were fighting around government buildings. Rebels have complained that they do not have weapons and their abilities are limited due to the fact that the enemy uses the Air Force.

Earlier in the Syrian capital of unknown armed men abducted 48 Iranian Shia pilgrims. Syrian security services workers try to get out to trace the abductors. Iranian embassy in Damascus has justified the abduction. Pilgrims living in a hotel nearby the international airport of Damascus, left for the bus to the Muslim shrine and hit the hostages, diplomats uttered.

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