Danuta Bichel: He was calm as the sky

Bulls for some reason justified "Alpine Ballad" — say, a lot of the lyrics in this story. I think it’s a great product, in which love carries victory over death.
Everyone has inside light and darkness. And different people have different dispose of this gift from God. Bulls on creativity burned darkness, darkness darkness destroyed. At night created dramatic scenes, funny day peraklyuchavsya born — had within itself such a switch. Went out to the people crowded tranquility kindness, attention, love — hoarse, tired, but not relaxed. That he was from Protz — restraint, balance, intelligence, wisdom, blagaslavlenne.
Not so long ago I met Bykov Jr. — Vasily. Just stood there, looked so, so to speak — well untainted father, measured as the sky. This was Vasil Bykov.

Read Bykov. Throughout June, every day, Freedom on the waves will sound Bykovskaya lines. They will read a variety of people — and close friends of the writer.

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