Day protect kids in the park Zhiliber

Correspondent"The current prazdnichek occurs in Grodno ancient park named Jean Emmanuel Zhiliber that in the XVIII century was a royal botanist. Many kids, parents, and in the morning they zyazhzhalisya from around the town, as well as the center actually closed to transport, were probably with these difficulties.
The official part of a very small, prazdnichek opened Deputy Mayor Ira Senchenkova:
"We do not always reflect on the fact, what lovely, lovely, cozy, nice country we live in — in the Republic of Belarus."
Correspondent"Narrative part began with a song about Belarus, all while in the Russian language, nor the 1st Belarusian words were heard.
Tell me, what are you complaining about the difficulties in schoolchildren? "
Men"Right now, free karuseli but it turned out only with their parents, and they need tickets."
Correspondent"And you have no parents in general and therefore do not fall?"
Men: "Yes."
Correspondent"Everything here is fun and beautifully written, that kids are the happiest," we encouraging, funny, we dance and sing. "Do you think there are any problems in children, schoolchildren? Same odinnadtsatiklassnik suddenly released from school, and they need somewhere to do something. "
Theater director Oleg Zhyugzhda:
"I once thought that all these attempts to stop me. Toddlers, they can not answer all of it. Experiments on our babies actually — sin and the sin that we allow."
Correspondent"But in fact no one asked — no parents, no teachers, even more so in children — how everything is better to do?"
Zhyugzhda"Jumping into the extremes, from one to another: that twelve years, eleven, and I once had the 10".
Correspondent"And did not recall whether this game on stage: sharp movements, sudden?"
Zhyugzhda"You see, this old theater reception when" extras "walks on stage without the text, and then you need to read-nibudt, all stroll and they say: that read, read when you have nothing? Here, too: what to do when there is nothing to do ? And do … "
Pictured: Kids in park Zhiliber built for the game.

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