Defence Technology Centre will create in Siberia

Center for Basic Research and Development for the defense and security will be based on the Siberian academic institutions, said at a general meeting of the Chairman of the SB RAS Academician Alexander Aseyev. 

Create a center of defense and security instructed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, in March 2012. The decision was made after a visit in February, Novosibirsk, where he attended a meeting of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences. 

"In the near future we will have to create a consortium or a commercial partnership with the companies cooperating on these issues with our institutions. Challenge of the future organization — to ensure maximum participation of Russian Academy of Sciences in the performance of federal programs in this area," — said Aseyev. 

Order of the Industry and Trade Ministry to register organizations of the military-industrial complex in October last year, has been included eight institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk and Byisk. 

Among the defense industry of the future consortium Aseyev named head of Roscosmos Institute TsNIIMash leading design space industry, "Information Satellite Systems Academician Mikhail Reshetnev" and the Central Research Institute "Comet", Russia's largest aviation holding company "Sukhoi", the parent company for manned space systems "Rocket Space Corporation "Energia" Korolev "Research and Production defense enterprise to create a radiation-chip SPE" Sapphire "and many others. 

Among the objectives of the defense areas of the Siberian Institutes Aseyev listed: creating a new generation of materials, components and devices of semiconductor micro-, nano-and opto-electronics for control systems with high precision weapons, the creation of full-scale surveillance and attack systems ultraviolet, visible, infrared, terahertz and non-contact means of warfare activities, development of nanotechnology-hardening materials and improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance units and new materials for radio and heat-absorbing nano-AMSE (weapons, military and special equipment). 

According Aseyev in RAS is also planned to create a composite energetic materials for solid rocket propellants, warheads and missiles, development of hypersonic technology to create new types of active-missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles and controlled hypersonic aircraft, precision laser control systems, locations and navigation and mobile laser systems for beam weapons, a new generation of super-compact switching power UWB electromagnetic radiation to destroy electronic equipment. 

"Part of the tasks of monitoring solar activity, the processes in the magnetosphere, ionosphere and space tracking for the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Space Agency will perform heliogeophysical complex in Irkutsk, and Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, began the development of new technologies for the enterprises of the nuclear weapons complex in Russia "explained Aseyev. 

General customers these research and development activities, according to Aseeva will be the Defense Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Technologies, and Rosatom Roscosmos.

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