Defenders of the Minsk KGB park shooting

The inhabitants of the district demand that the authorities had finished cutting the park — the only greenish zone district.

First meeting people tried to speak into the microphone, but the chairman of the Executive Committee stated that it would accept only written appeal. Only a few people had the opportunity to speak.
"You, Nicholas, pronounced, which is unrealistic to implement park. All can be realized! In 1996 sold several acres of parkland under the church" Gethsemane. "Through two years sold under the ring road. Later sold under some luxury homes in which planned to live behind a fence and which should have its own zone.

Pershamaiski district administration held a meeting with residents of the neighborhood to answer questions about the development of Sevastopol park. Executive Committee Chairman Nicholas Kotov said that the speech did not hear the question.
"This detailed project specific objects, and no one would be cut down. Everything is painted and written … Warning This small replica of your performance. This came from the hall. I will read it:" My ancestors were in charge of me that this park was known as the Park, where the innocence lost, and there is the mass rapes. There wasand booze. I wish relaxed walk in the park. "It writes Veratsenski Kirill Viktorovich."
An employee of the District Executive Committee suited to certain people, and they whereupon walked to the microphone. According to observers in the hall had a lot of employees of municipal service. Discover this question was unrealistic, but specifically these people asked to answer questions regarding the tracks around plants or ordering of territories around porches.
One of the ladies was indignant. She called "Freedom":

Another world:
"In fact, did not give the word. Personally, I snatched the microphone. We have documents to prove that the building of the Sevastopol park place, and that the well will be demolished. That that read Chairman of the Executive Committee — nonsense. Nobody gave voice documents. People silenced, do not give to speak. "
People came to journalists and were that disappointed in the results of the meeting. They felt that they once again fool. People who collected signatures, assured that they will fight for the fact that Minskers preserved park and artesian water supplies. The inhabitants of the area were outraged that the administration called the police to the meeting, and later riot. All present filmed on camera KGB and police. Tags:, Sebastopol

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