Democracy choked with oil

Now «Freedom House» — South American non-governmental organization that supports the development of democracy and human rights in the world — has published its own yearly report on the state of democratic freedoms in the "transitional states" of the world («Nations in Transit 2008").
The overall conclusion of the report is disappointing — in 2007, the year deepened the gap between democratic development in countries of the former Union of Russian and novavzniklymi countries in the Balkans and more than mature European democracies.
Report further notes that the demand for energy, particularly in the post-Soviet area with hydrocarbons, each more znyavechvayuts relationship between democratic consumers of these resources in Europe and their authoritarian producers in Eurasia.
According «Freedom House», countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Our homeland — only important for European suppliers of oil — in recent years made conspicuous or even dramatic steps toward political authoritarianism. A European oil consumers who have not constructed a long and alternate policy with regard to its Eurasian producers eventually seem intrigued spend in promoting democratic development in the post-Soviet area.
«Freedom House» assesses democratic freedoms in the country on a scale from 1 (highest degree of development) to 7 (lowest). The final grade is a consensus between professionals «Freedom House», academic advisers of the organization and creators of special policy reports on individual countries. Browse by Belarus for 2007 wrote for "Freedom House" Belarusian political analyst Vitaly Silitski.
Belarus is usually at the very bottom in evaluating the performance of democratic development in the reports «Freedom House», which include, incidentally, the electoral process (7 Belarus 2007) civilian society (6.5), independence media (6.75) or the independence of the judiciary (6.75).
Throughout the former Russian Union average democratic development approaches to 6. Only Georgia (4.79) and Ukraine (4:25) from the former Russian Republic were rated higher on democratization 5. The average score of — 5.96, Belarus — 6.71. Tags: rate, house, freedom

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