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Many of our students in their own letters to the "Freedom" written about the relationship between Belarus and the United States, Belarus and the EU. Interest in the topic has increased especially after the Belarusian authorities initiated the diplomatic conflict between exacerbation Minsk and Washington. Let me remind you: first, in May of Belarus had to leave the U.S. embassy 11 EMPLOYEES. So Makar, the U.S. Embassy in Belarus instead of 35 former diplomats were only four.
I’ll start from the letter of the current conversation on the subject, which sent Galina Alexander Mogilev. She writes:
"Lukashenko is not like the South American diplomats, as U.S. pressure on him. But at the same time, the Belarusian president himself pursues democratic opposition inside their own country — Alexander Kozulin and others. Not time for him to understand who first started to press? Pressure from the United States — a consequence of the pressure on the Lukashenko regime’s own people.
Lukashenko has transformed our unfortunate Belarus bone of contention between Russia and Europe in the bridge of hatred between them. This hatred power intensive uses, kanvertue it in Russian loans, through which Lukashenko is trying to put the European Alliance on his knees. The situation that is emerging in relations between Moscow and Brussels, it is very happy. He in this element — like a fish in water "
,- So says Galina Alexander Mogilev.
Hardly worth it, Galina, use the word "hate", giving the characteristic relations between the EU and Russia. Contradictions, disputes, misunderstanding — yes, there is, but talk about the hatred — not necessary.
Belarus could be reincarnated as a bridge between Moscow and Brussels, and this role could bring considerable benefits to the Belarusian state — both economic and political. But while it is faster than a bridge, a stalemate that try to avoid both Russians and Europeans. Some fenced off from the regime, which is considered the last dictatorship in Europe, strong abroad, visas and sanctions; others build their bypassing Belarus oil and gas pipelines, too, do not believe Belarus loyal ally and partner. Neither one nor the other place, as you, Galina, writing, "on his knees" Lukashenko regime is not capable of — not the scale, not the means and ability to …
Our listener Vera Rudnyuk with Malorita — one of those Orthodox Christians who strongly shall be removed from documents in any specified personal phone holder, because they think its diabolical figure. Ultimately Ms. Rudnyuk her passport. And through that her life turned into a solid test. Listener wrote:
"I — a widow whose spouse died. Honestly worked until retirement. Once handed over documents raysabes, I was not allowed to work, even a day or 1st. A pension, meanwhile, I so far do not pay — and the documents are in the executive committee . unwillingly forced me to take your passport, where there is a personal number. And I — Orthodox Christian, and because of their religious beliefs do not wish to have a private room — for me it is offensive and unacceptable. I have an old passport, and it is enough to assure my personality.
So why so much time I do not pay pension? This is — you please from the country, and earned me a lifetime means. Means the government just steals my money. I left without a penny. There is nothing to pay for any gas or land tax … And health is not something to go to work. Put me in danger of starving to death.
Wherever addressed on this occasion — in response to some failures. And I’m not alone suffering — many people like. I am writing to you because I am not afraid read the truth. And I have nothing to fear: and so death, and so "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Vera Rudnyuk with Malorita.
People who are just like Mrs. Rudnyuk refused to get new passports with a personal phone owners, not so much not enough. Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II had named fear passport numbers "spiritual sectarianism" but believers convinced it is not suspended and forced to abandon their views.
Considered different problem of municipal departments, which are related to certification. Decided to ignore the demands of believers to say: if you give them other passport (without personal numbers), it could cause a split in the church. Well, other citizens may claim themselves the same special documents.
Maybe other passport — not the best solution. But some particular problem of old ladies Faith Rudnyuk government should decide. Neuzh you can not allow her to receive a pension for other document proving identity — an old Russian passport or birth certificate?
May 21 in the survey sounded mail a letter Alexander Syargyaevicha of Maladziechna — davneshnego and stubborn opponent of the Belarusian democratic favorites. Student opposition reproached (quote): "Sami Belarusian eat bacon, bread and sausage, doing nothing for their feeding, but only criticizing authority. Goal is simple — to bring the country to ruin, praise Lukashenko and themselves come to power" (end of quotation) .
Responded to this letter, another supporter of Lukashenko’s policy — Leonid Shchors Ukrainian of Uzhgorod. He writes:
"Because Alexander Sergyaevich, thinking in Belarus 75-80 percent of the population. And all your efforts, despite the great tools that are wasting the United States — not to make the dark matter that you have planned. Posodeystvuyut not any sanctions. Contrary, all more people rallying around their president.
He did not haluystvue not implement the interests of their own people — and that Uncle Sam does not like. And what about democracy in Belarus — then its in Belarus than in almost all European countries combined. Not so long ago I heard on Freedom: real democracy in Ukraine, Belarus — dictatorship, but in Russia — it is not clear what. To this I will reply to you as follows: Ukraine — a real mess — despite the higher authorities. Develop this idea is no desire. Think about something else. Walking down the sidewalk, worry not seem to fall into a sewer well, because the metal hatch stolen.
Transfer of the Belarusian "Freedom" from time to time listening time. If you associate with 2007, they became more priklnnymi to the president of Belarus. This is fun. I — a fan of his, and you — the savvy people (U.S. funds will not pay for nothing), realize that is not true to no good arguments "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Leonid Shchors from Uzhgorod, Ukraine.
Principles of activity RL remain constant, sire Shchors — that year, fifteen years ago. Key policies in light of President Lukashenko does not depend on "Freedom" and the actions of the president himself. Political prisoners are released, to establish a dialogue with the West — our students will find out about it. Power begins to throw in the bullpen again opposition activists, denies any compromise with the opposition does not agree to fair elections — again as we talk about it in their own program notes.
Tell us about the situation in Ukraine — a controversial and difficult. Hardly could be expected that the transition from an authoritarian regime to democracy will be easy and normal. And yet, in the present Ukraine is unrealistic to imagine that someone from politicians want to become perpetual president that is suddenly introduced political censorship in the media and elections turned into a farce and the Verkhovna Rada will be restricted to the president’s supporters.
At the end — a letter from Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha district — how shoppers prefer drinks in those stores. A listener writes:
"Our collective Orsha nadaivayut currently 130-140 tons of milk per day (this information was taken from the regional newspaper" Orsha messenger "). Orsha — about 150 thousand inhabitants. Makarom Thus, for every inhabitant of the town for abo
ut a liter of milk in day. This is not counting the population of the district.
And what drinks are imported into everyday local store? Milk — 3-4 box and vodka, beer, wine — 10 boxes. Maybe because local men stroll in the morning, as those clouds on the Far Eastern border — glumly. Sensitive achomayutstsa only closer to noon.
Camping in the agro-town costs about 40 thousand dollars. Need to work on the farm 10 years — only then you will be entitled to purchase as property. As I understand it — typical serfdom, as well as the passport of a person not otymayut "
, — Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha district.
Government is building through the budget housing in rural areas in order to attract staff. It is quite understandable why the collective management did not immediately transfers the ownership of these houses of settlers. But even free housing is not able to keep a man in the village, if wages in the farm such that unrealistic or furnish a new home or feed their families. And such a situation in Belarusian collective — totally unique.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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