Democrats lose as steel barricade hostage culture

Now Svetlana Aleksievich talks about stereotypes democratic thinking about why Democrats lose:
"You can not accuse me of being undemocratic … But we can not be held hostage to any new Bolshevik thinking. Many (both here and in the West) are willing to drive today’s reality in any conventional frames: cool war Teran Lukashenko, Putin KGB man … And when you start to read, talk differently, how the euro bureaucrat and the Russian or Belarusian democrats face immediately become boring.

Willing to drive today’s reality in any conventional frames: cool war Teran Lukashenko, Putin KGB officer

After all that other lightweight version burgeoning complexity of their life just annoying. Since offered a very different look at the situation. For a new world. It is more difficult, more carnivorous and more than complex than is usually provided.
And in Russia more difficult situation. "KGB Colonel" — that’s understandable. But one of the U.S. presidents, I do not remember myself, also had to do with the secret services — not in this case!
Came to power young, more plastic, more powerful people. As I understand it, there were two choices: either to bury liberalism and save the integrity of in this big crotch time, continue to have a way of Yeltsin and ultimately, of course, the destruction of the country, the war, a lot of other problems. She went to his method, just have gained from using naftagazvay own purposes.
Just not very simple and Lukashenko. In love for him I can not be to blame. But he was able to continue Socialism — concluded with a population of social contract. And now, in comparison with Russia we really protected student reserved poor people, old people. Like it or not, but it is — fact.
Another thing, at whose expense. Another thing, the result that we were late, that all this time Our economy is collapsing … But a soldier in this way does not argue! He now lives and at the moment!

Lukashenko flexibly adapts to its own people.

Even young me they say with pride: "Our homeland risen from its knees, are registered with us!" And it’s true — they are better off.
That’s where the Democrats lose because they are hostage barricade culture became as shamans: doldonit the same …
And precisely because life changes! And even here is the ancient system of thought, which represents even Putin, it is more flexible adaptation to time. Lukashenko also more flexibly adapted to their own people.
This is all to the fact that we, the democratic elite lose. We did not use the chance to own specifically for the reason that they have become hostages of old thoughts.
Those who were defeated and upstairs solve real problems: Lukashenko is not willing to lose power, Our homeland aiming to win the country. How do we as before would not respond, the remaining talkers. Speaking the same — now no longer the case … Excuse me. "

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