U.S. Navy deployed stealth destroyer last generation DDG-1000 next year as the 1st of the 3 main combat troops the U.S. Pacific Command, along with the stealth fighter F-35 and missile defense system, reports October 22.

As expected, the «battleship» will hold in horror China, which aims to become a military superpower, and to conduct monitoring of the North Korean missile and nuclear programm. According to the Associated Press, a destroyer with a displacement of 15,000 tons, making it the middle naikrupneyshim American ships of this class, was built in the deepest secrecy and resettled sverhtehnologichny weapons system.

The destroyer was named Zumvalta Elmo (Elmo Bird Zumwalt), who was the youngest Chief of Staff of the Navy under President Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon), and has a displacement of sizes up to 40% more than the existing class destroyers Arleigh Burke, with advanced stealth technology has Radiocontrast at a small fishing boat. For 30 minutes the ship can release 600 shells satellite-guided GPS.

The ship is armed with 155 mm cannons, shells range exceeds the range of certain types of missiles. The power plant has a capacity sufficient to supply power to 78 thousand households, which allows shoot projectiles with speeds up to 7M at distances up to 160 km. For this reason, the destroyer received the title of «the killer of aircraft carriers», the chances are significant use in actual military operations.

Position vertical launch missiles allow the ship to reflect enemy attacks from all sides, the destroyer resettled modern fire protection system and effective soundproofing system. Thanks to the highest degree of automation of the crew reduced to 158 people, which is two times less than that of ordinary destroyers. U.S. Navy originally planned to buy 32 ships of this type, but were limited to the purchase of only 3 in connection with the highest price (3.5 billion dollars per unit).

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