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As part of the investigation into the explosion on July 4 in Minsk arrested four former activists of the unregistered organization "whitewashed Legion": Igor Korsak, Miroslav Lazo, Victor and Sergei Leszczynski Chislov. The organization has long been existence. The last couple of years about promotions for its role has not been reported.
By law, investigators have the right to detain detained without charge for 72 hours. But the prosecutor may extend this period by another 10 days.
Igor Korsak, Miroslav Lozovskiy and Sergey number was hit in the camera after their homes had been searched.
Some pro-democracy activists in the regions summoned to the police for an interview and asked what they were doing on the night of July 4.
July 8 A. Lukashenka dismissed Municipal Security Council Secretary Viktor Sheiman and head Gennady Nyavyhlas own administration. Per day previously criticized both very Lukashenko for inactivity, which led to an explosion at a concert to days of independence in Minsk.
In conclusion, for eight opposition
Evening started new searches and detentions
Engineer, military, smith
Shtrishki the biography first arrested in the blast case
KGB arrested in the blast case "only inspect"

According to the latest least one of the arrested former activists "of the White Legion" continued detention to 10 days. The KGB with all this they say that "being checked."

Mom Sergei Chislova Galina transmits transmission to offspring Akrestsin

Nina Shydlouskaya, wife of detained Miroslav Lazovsky and Galina, mom detained Sergei Chislova about temporary detention in Akrestsin
Guys are sitting. Seek out confirmation.

In Minsk temporary detention on suspicion of involvement in an explosion during a gala concert are four former members "of the White Legion" — an organization that has been several years ago to exist.

"Whitewashed Legion" does not exist, but the interests of the investigation "

Why despite the promises of Alexander Lukashenko "not to tighten the screws of the opposition" police began specifically with this? What went like "Snow white legion"?

M.Lozovskogo detention extended for 10 days

On this "Radio Liberty" said the wife of detained former activist "of the White Legion" Nina Shydlouskaya.
Police and KGB interrogated Malady

Now in some regions of Belarus KGB and police continued to call for interrogation of opposition activists. Sought from them to say where they were on the night of July 3 and 4.
Grodno region: new interrogations opposition
Now the police themselves were visited for apartments to youth activists in Smorgon Dmitry Belyaev, Vadim Zeromski and Vladimir Shulzhitsky.
N. Statkevich: "I do not rule out that they are being tortured"

Statkevich politician believes that law enforcement agencies will continue to expand the pressure on the opposition in connection with the explosion on July 4, detain more opposition, including in the regions.
Mogilev KGB cause BPF
Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev city organization BPF Dmitry Solovyov yesterday evening questioned KGB investigator Major Igor Hrabal. According to policy, the investigator asked questions relating to the blast in Minsk on the night of the 4th of July.
A.Milinkevich: "In" Snow white legion "not prepared terrorists"

Alexander Milinkevich personally acquainted with some former members of the KGB custody "of the White Legion". He urges that the investigation stepped on the wrong path.

Arrested last favorite "of the White Legion" Sergei Chislov

Sergei those arrested on July 7 and is in the center on Akrestin Street. This RFE Mom said activist Galina Chislova.
Nina’s husband arrested Shidlovskaya

In connection with the investigation of the events of the explosion in Minsk detained as Miroslav Lozovskiy.
Former KGB suspects "belalegienavtsa" in the explosion on July 4

KGB officers detained a suspect in the malicious hooliganism during a concert on the night of July 3 and 4. This 34-year-old Igor Korsak.


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