Detainees released in the explosion

Relatives of detainees investigators and the administration does not read as a clear time when the detainees will be released after a 10-day stay in the cell free. Students expect their ancestors at the prison gate 14 hours.
The cells of the temporary detention are students who attended chemical circle. Now freedom came bio faculty of BSU student Tatiana Pyakun.
Woman held as a witness in a criminal case filed Last year in connection with the creation of homemade firecrackers. In the temporary detention is another person involved in that matter, a student of the Institute Oleg Sheleg, which then punished conditionally.
Specifically chemistry students first included in the list of suspects. Later, all employees of institutions Chemistry Academy, students and teachers of the Institute of Chemical investigators fingerprinted. Scientists say categorically, what to do such a bomb at home unrealistic criteria. Also make it unrealistic and at work. They they say that education is not enough chemist.
Officer Academy, a chemist with many years of experience, who wished to remain anonymous, said "Freedom":
"At home, the criteria for any student or scholar to make such a bomb is unrealistic. Such work requires special equipment necessary reagents. Reagents we get only by bank transfer. All of them count. Traced, who acquired it or other substance is not difficult. In addition, many aspects need to know, because if they do not know what can be blown up in your own kitchen.
That still regards the laboratory, we have to do the impossible, or that work imperceptibly, because employees are walking and if you start to shut off all, it would look suspicious. Chemical science our country very degraded. Now she is engaged or boys after graduation, or old ladies. "
Chemists they say that the bomb probably used acetone peroxide. The interviewee answered the question of how easy it is to get this stuff:
"Acetone peroxide explodes from a tiny push. This could end very badly. In addition, in chemical encyclopedias do not even have the "peroxides". In the "acetone" no mention of acetone peroxide are not. Professional chemist could make only components to synthesize any substance. But in order to assemble a bomb, you must have a completely different education. Need to know how to put it into action, and with all this to stay alive. It was able to make only a specialist. People who have passed training befitting all registered. "
It is expected that tomorrow can go free detainees in the case of 4 July blast former activists "of the White Legion" Sergei Numbers Miroslav Lazo, Victor Leszczynski, Igor Korsak — if they do not charge.
A few days reversed on freedom were released: Alexander Sergienko, Sergei Vysotsky, Pavel Kuryanovich and later — a citizen of the Russian Federation Vladimir Belonin. Tags: arrested, explosion

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