Dictatorship will not understand until one’s own responsibility

The writer’s outlook Valentine Taras, which in May was also our public editor:
Taras: "Dictatorship is held first on us, on our own. With our taciturn consent to our horror. In our version, that can "self cost, time eroded the regime." But nothing happens by itself, and until every person and society in general do not understand their own responsibility for makingsmiling in our state — to This time dictatorship will reign and more than that, to become more brash.

Dictatorship rests on us. With our taciturn consent to our horror.

With On the other hand, understand very hard and impossible to achieve from all the people that they were heroes. Seems Bertold Brecht said: "Woe to the country that asks heroes." People have to live a normal human life — kids grow, build, operate. Being a hero can only units.
Only educating society can bring people to such a state where they are — making no heroism, no rushing to dot — just at some point take to the streets. All together — not just a handful of 2 thousand and 200 thousand. Come out and utter — we do not want. Then listen to them. "

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