Dmitry Szymanski will submit to the court on BT

Why specifically at the moment of her remember the Belarusian authorities?
According to the U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program The program is interested in projects that promote integration of Belarus into the transatlantic alliance of democracies. The Embassy is ready to receive a formal request for the work of the applets from the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Columnist in international issues Jacob Roman Pronunciation:
"The official website of the Embassy for years taken the official information about the criteria, tasks grants: who can handle that represent. No secrets this has not been done."
In the story of the first state television on May 29 stated that "for small grants program there," the U.S. embassy Tipo finances the Belarusian opposition. Cited shooting interrogations Chairman of the Brest regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Szymanski and editor-independent newspaper "Free announcements" from Turov Misha Kozel who Tipo received funds from the U.S. Embassy.
Dmitry Szymanski said that he was detained by the KGB in Minsk and taken to the Department of Investigation of money, where he took the examination in 1718 dollars. According to Szymanski, these funds he meant to buy a computer. About the plot on BT, he said,

The announcer said that I got the money in the U.S. Embassy. Such was not. In practice, this insinuation.

This is nonsense. And with this video, I will prepare a lawsuit to the court on Belgosteleradiokompaniyu vserasprostranennye demanding to refute false information about me. In practice, this insinuation. And perhaps there there will be some demand compensation for moral damage.
I think that power decided to destroy one shot 2-hares. Once again, not a good show, by the views of our government, U.S. policy regarding our country, Tipo is financed political parties. And secondly, through this report dealt a significant blow to my reputation as a politician. "
Coordinator of the European coalition "Free Belarus Statkevich states that the sum is less betrothed wages senior Spetsnaz officers.
"Here there is a certain tendency, if earlier Lukashenko read about hundreds of millions of funding, the lady was caught here on March 25 and have found it at 8,000,000 rubles and it was already a sensation, and the interior minister admitted that the first time the cashier detained opposition."
Plot, shown on TV, Roman Jacob considers the context of diplomatic war official Minsk:

May be resuscitation of the motto: one who now loves jazz, sell home tomorrow.

"We know almost everything pointed Belarusian TV and hard to comment about reality. Declassified spy network, diplomats expelled. I do not rule, there soon will be the South American jazz. Maybe that will resuscitation motto: one who now loves jazz, sell home tomorrow. Predicting behavior Belarusian authorities in the context of relations with the U.S. is very hard. "
Leading. Recall that the Belarusian-American diplomatic conflict began after the imposition of sanctions "Belneftekhim" concern. Over recent months, the Belarusian authorities sent about 30 American diplomats. Earlier Belarusian TV showed plot, in which argued that the U.S. embassy Tipo spied. Tags: united states embassy, BT, Szymanski

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