Do not imply any new human destiny adjustment policies?

On Tuesday, the new leaders headed the Presidential Administration, the Security Council, the KGB. What was the logic behind these calling? Can we talk about the latest management team? Configurations should be expected from a new personnel policy goal?

Members: the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation Mieczyslaw Mushroom and political commentator Alexander Fyaduta.
What was the logic behind these calling?

Valery Karbalevich"On the main municipal offices have new people. Emphasis is placed on the following incident. Became the Head of the Security Council last KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin, who was unable to prevent an explosion on July 4. Zhadobin And, the new chairman of the KGB Vadim Zaitsev — come from Ukraine. Zaitsev graduated from Russian military academies. Mackay — last kontrarazvedchyk and diplomat. Are these facts value their biographies? What logic is behind the mission? "
Mieczyslaw Mushroom"I do not think that these changes are associated with the explosion. Since it is not in the least degree than Sheiman Zhadobin responsible for the explosion. But the 1st removed, another increase in the service. Explosion was the reason to perform intention Lukashenka has long been ripe. "

This issue should be considered in the broader context. Here Lukashenko promised to hold democratic elections. 42 members of the opposition are included in the district election commissions, which was not previously. Seems Lukashenko seeks to find mutual understanding with the West, to achieve recognition of the new House of Representatives. Against this background should consider staffing configuration. Sheiman was inadmissible because the person for the West. "
Alexander Fyaduta"To draw attention to one event. Clearly, in Mackay and Zhadobin were complex cases with Sheiman. Currently these people are promoted to management positions. And it is a signal for the entire state apparatus of certain changes in state policy."
Can we talk about the latest management team?

Karbalevich"Many experts they say that came to power brand new team, and her favorite son called head of state Viktor Lukashenko, the incumbent president’s assistant for national security. They say that the clan clan defeated Viktor Lukashenko Sheiman.
But it is not an exaggeration it? Whether there is such a team or clan? After time, "team", "clan" means a community of interests, a certain level of corporate solidarity, team offense, in general, value: devotion to his own company exceeds loyalty to the state, the president and other structures. Do it all in this case? "
Mushroom"In my opinion, no team had no Sheiman. And no team does not have those currently assigned to the highest positions. Lukashenko has repeatedly stated that the country’s policy defines himself. And new people will do what they utter president.
Maybe there are some groups that are grouped by interest, by age. But to call this team in our criteria would be incorrect. "
Fyaduta: "I am one hundred percent support the position of the fungus. Indeed we since 1996 in power, there is only one team. This team of Alexander Lukashenko. Figures may change next. But it only determines policy.

Another thing is that one or the other members of his entourage to offer him a stroke. For example, in 2001, Mackey was one of the 2-persons who recommended Lukashenko send retired Zametalin.
Obviously, there is a difference between Makey and Sheiman. But you can not read that came to power the team of Viktor Lukashenko. After Victor has in a certain sense, the face of this latest group, but not the generator of ideas. Obviously, Alexander Lukashenko, has more trust in the offspring. But all controls Lukashenko retains senior. "
Configurations should be expected in politics?

Karbalevich"Maybe, staffing configuration substantiated new puzzles, which seeks to solve Al. Lukashenko. This has already started talking, the fungus. Reasonable that under the new tasks selected new people. So expect configurations in new personnel policy of destiny?"
Mushroom"You can not directly communicate configuration changes to personnel policy. But, apparently, such a configuration lately may occur.
Now Belarus is seeking to do better business with the West. Perhaps the emergence of new people in the leadership — is a definite signal to the West. While in the House of Representatives seem a little opposition, it is a chance for bargaining with the West. It is in this context and can be considered human destiny. "
Fyaduta: "In economic policy, all that could exchange already changed. Privatization deals. Existing jobs to attract more specifically Western investment. Therefore, you need to establish political cooperation with the West. A exaggerate the significance of new destinies do not need.
I note that the negotiations for the release of political prisoners failed, Kozulin as before is in the colony. After Lukashenko thought his fool, claimed a lot of concessions and gave nothing in return.
I am very afraid that at the moment there can be something similar. Several people from the opposition can bring to the House of Representatives. But later the West will feel some disappointment, and Lukashenko will not get the expected results. And again we find ourselves in times not Sheiman and neasheymanizma. In other words, it will be held the same policy, but with new faces. "

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