Do political nuance calls military conscription activists?

Democracy activist currently a graduate journalism faculty of BSU Yuri Deshuk told "Freedom" that he was summoned to the military commissariat Lida and said that he was sent to serve in the military opposition recognizable sad part number 5448 that Mayakovsky Street in Minsk. On this part of the country in time imported detained participants of street protests.
When the young man replied that he would not serve there, he was offered another option — a military unit under Dmitry Pavlyuchenko.
Says Yuri Deshuk:
"When my friends came to the draft board, in their first asks what parts they wish to serve. And I, when I parasivsya in other series, refused, citing the fact that the decision has been made and there is no other way.
I party street protests. Own democratic views never concealed in including and in communion with the recruiting office. Well, it seems to me that there was an order from above, so I was taken specifically to these troops. It feels like it izymatelstvo Tipo Tipo test for me. "
Deputy Commissioner explained Lida military "Freedom":
"Those who were recognized as a health service without restriction, first sent to a part of the special mission. If there were any differences, it would be sent to other parts days smallest load. If I had the opportunity to grant his request, we would her satisfied. Means so was necessary do it. "
Mozyr activist unregistered organization "Young Front" Paul Nostril owed, according to the order of the recruiting office, 13 June 19 day passes for military training. But he was called for an interview and replaced in order to bring to the charges made the administrative record for the late notice recruiting office about changing jobs.
Nostril Paul says:
"Has got me into his office and says that is not watched, and now figured out that you did not provide us with information in time to change the place of work and at the moment we make the administrative report and give it to the tribunal. Behind it there is a penalty of up to 2- 3 baselines. Earlier this draft boards are not used, and only the police, the court and the prosecutor’s office to replenish the state budget. "
Another activist Nikolai Zhukovsky Mozyr received a summons to the draft board to go in fees. But he is part-time students and deliver a session in Grodno Institute. And the law prohibits demobilize students during the session.
Nikolai Zhukovsky says:
"I had a photocopy of my reference, precisely fax. Military called in Grodno alma mater and there asked if there is such a young man and asked again send help. Immediately did not believe me. Not even called my name and asked to send a certificate number under that number. I work in a children’s art school. Teach kids to play brass instruments. But the fact, that there lacks such teachers. I do not know why I decided to lay off now. I assume that this is due to my public activities. "
After, Nikolai Zhukovsky as surrender session, and Paul Nostril pay the fine, they may again cause the draft board to visit on charges specifically during the campaign.
Love Lunev. Minsk

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