During the time of independence in art produced many

Sovereign Vasilevsky convinced that since independence in monumental art made much:
"After 17 years of independence monuments statesmen built more than in all previous years Russian timesand: this monument Oginsky Molodechno and monuments Mickiewicz in Minsk and Navagrudak, and the monument to Prince David in David-Gorodok … And with all this there officialdom, which also carries within itself the imprint of time. Monument police on a hill near the Ministry of Defense — it is a specific symbol of our time. I’m not sure that he will stand for a long time at this place, but it is very time characterizes ".
According to Vasilevsky, read early, which of today’s monuments are considered masterpieces — is to find the time.
"At the present moment the masterpieces we are not mature enough for one reason: the state and society have not identified the aesthetic and moral aspects, which for us is significant. Before it was majestic masterpieces meksikantsav Rivera, Siqueiros and Roscoe, civilization itself determine in relation to its own history: that it bad that it perfectly, those in the hero and who antihero. And already whereupon painters worked within that civilization as it is aware. And since we have not yet determined what we feel, stranger, where our not ours where, respectively, and the way a painter works "spear." If it turns out and if not … "
The emergence of sculptures on Zhbanova Komarovka and Mikhailovsky park Peter Wasilewski believes revolution in Minsk.
"Earlier in Minsk were monuments Dzerzhinsky Gritsevtsa plastic dedicated to important events of public history. Spotless Socialist Realism and ideology. And there are interesting things completely, which are addressed to a specific person: some girl with an umbrella, a woman with longish legs , uncle and a cigarette. Minsk For it was a revolution … It’s gone further in Belarus. "

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