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Remember, there's an old joke: "Son, do as I say, not as I do."

Child-rearing written thousands of books and journal articles — for teachers, parents and all those who in one way or another connected with the kids. There are plenty of pedagogical theories to explain why precious child does not listen to parents, cuts off the cat whiskers, and then repaint bang on the head in the green. And, apparently, modern parents, theoretically savvy and educated, should not fall into a stupor, finding themselves in a difficult situation with their children. After all, everything can be explained by the child — to tell him how to and how to. But did you go — again, going back to the very old joke — comes not, as I do, and so, as I say. And kids are no different, especially hard falsehood and hypocrisy.

Therefore, they do not need to specifically bring up. You just have to live with and deal with them as you would like them to behave towards you. For example, to create small miracles for them, to stop them constantly pull up and programmed to fail help them to cope with the vagaries and tantrums.

If you wait addition to the family, you will be a special game for little jealous. And if you have to parting with the baby, it, too, is to prepare in advance.

Chief question, which disturbs the parents of all time — everything is okay with my child? For medical questions, the answers are always the family doctor or local pediatrician, but health can be not only physical but also psychological. No Does your child have mental retardation or speech impairment? Is it enough to socialized your child and how help him to become more sociable?

In short, try to be considerate of your baby, do not just live together, and along with it — and the parental intuition certainly tell you a way out of any, even the most difficult situations.

Cease to educate children better help them grow!

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