Either stay Belarusian engineering giants?

Belarusian industrial giants by almost 80% dependent on Russian consumers. But the global monetary crisis has complicated the export policy of plants that experienced a sharp decline in demand for its products in the East. In such a situation, the administration of the companies must do unpopular things, including reduced work week and reduce secondary staff not involved in the production process.
Managers of large plants do not go to the contact with the press, because, as explained in the company’s press service, do not wish too much hype around neakreslenastsi economic prospects in the criteria of the financial crisis. But the margins are increasingly audible panic. One of the employees at the Minsk Automobile criteria of anonymity, said that the main plant until the auto giant work as usual, but in fact all the products goes to the warehouse. At this rate, the long-term sustain unrealistic — the site already filled with machines that do not understand how the buyer will be expected to own:
"Naturally, creating pauses. I myself heard in the administration that will stand factories, will have nowhere to sell their products and, accordingly, will not you pay people. Incidentally, in Russia this situation is already a reality, because there is not any secret funds from which feed factory. There’s winner — a business entity. Received no money for the products — people have not received salaries and all. And we will be the same, I’ve heard predictions: in the coming 3-4 months at 15-20% cheaper new cars, because there is no demand in connection with the closing mechanism of lending. "

More tangible monetary crisis struck the companies that create costly engineering products

More tangible monetary crisis struck the companies that create costly engineering products. Price MAZ, BelAZ, Minsk tractors ranging from a few 10’s to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 90% of such transactions are carried out on credit. With contraction of bank lending in Russia, Ukraine and other countries buyers Belarusian products export trucks and tractors has declined by half. At the moment, the question is discussed seriously reduce the working week to strategic enterprises, because there is no need even at the small compared with the number of Russian periodically technique that goes with the flow assembly. Says Director of the Agency business ties Valentin Lopan:
"First, engineering is in crisis on their own consumers. Assume for commercial technology leasing companies and banks have raised interest rates to 20% per annum, and even more. At these rates on the loan for the purchase of machinery or leasing it unprofitable. Because even applications that did customers, some businesses are already withdrawing, as they can not take out a bank loan under the applicable conditions. For example, 25-ton dump truck MAZ worth 80 thousand dollars here and there, tractor can cost the same amount, but in euros. This great tools and carriers try to take them on credit or leasing (I’m talking about not even zabugornyh buyers, but the Belarusian.) If the act is similar to other countries, namely, with Russia, then you need to take positive steps to this lease and loan the real sector of the government supported somehow. While in This is the meaninge can not hear anything. Economists are at a loss, can not even explain what’s happening, not that make predictions. Only rumors about a liquidity crisis, and such words no economist, financier enterprises do not know them, this theory is not needed. We simply do not have enough money in circulation. "
But, as the director of the Institute for Policy research, deputy State Duma Sergei Markov, Belarus still remains in the best position than many Russian manufacturers. According to analysts, after the crisis of the Belarusian economy, which has been seriously supported by the state, can ozdorovet even faster than gasrazlik thrown on the Russian economy:
"With pay really have difficulty, as payments are made through banks, they are very often associated with lending and perakredytavannem. Yet I think that will help municipal and she just is to enable to wriggle out of the situation, not the ability to give the brakes. I am convinced that in

In Belarus, there is even a chance to win from the crisis.

RF and Belarus perfectly understand the meaning of such giants as MTZ and MAZ, and will not allow this to become the backbone companies of Belarus. A demand for a product is. In Belarus, there is even a chance to win from the crisis. Fact, that Belarusians have rivals, other factories that create similar machines and tractors. And just their problem is much larger. During the crisis, everyone feels the difficulty, but varying strength. Some eventually lose and even go bankrupt, and others, when the crisis has passed, take a more lucrative position. In Belarus there is a very good chance that at the end of the crisis will soon benefit. "
The crisis has already raised his fundamental adjustments to the plans of large Belarusian companies — Minsk Tractor factories and cars. Hitherto been considered at the level of government projects vkladyvatelnye creation holding based on the panel’s role MAZ Russian companies. Proclaimed by the increasing production of cars from 25 to 50 thousand units per year. Also on the agenda was a day or a significant jump in output of tractors — from 70 to 100 thousand units. But at the moment the pain in my head — not where to find markets for the basic plan, and how to implement already produced.

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