Election campaign starts with pressure on the opposition

Businessman Nicholas Chernous — The list of contenders for the deputy’s mandate from the United Democratic Forces. It put forward a public association "For Free Development of Enterprise." Calculates run Baranovichi West surrounded by number 5. Activist claims that such intentions began persecuting power — now Charnavus deprive previously selected our plot for construction of a cafe:
"I have three years various papers collected, funds paid. Design and estimate work makes" Belzhilproekt "that the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. Prevents But authorities that Chernous decided to participate in the elections."
According to Nikolai Charnavus decision Baranavichy power to take away his earthen plot he appeals at the moment in the Brest Regional Executive Committee.
Now Nikolai had to pay another fee.
"Health Service was a protocol on what to rydlevachkah that are made in the adjacent Kobrin was not labels. Fined 175 thousand rubles. Ask me, asked:" Give at least live up to the elections. "No, give the order to pay."
Mogilev region 28 candidates from opposition political organizations and the public are going to fight for seats in the House of Representatives. In the election headquarters of Mogilev coalition of democratic forces predict that not all applicants will be registered as candidates. The main reason — the pressure from the administrations of companies and educational institutions where they work or trained applicants.
Managing Staff Yuri Novikov notes:
"In the midst these people have students working teachers, teachers in higher education, there are people who work for municipal enterprises. Because it is possible that they will be carried out on the pressure, and maybe they will be obliged to withdraw their candidacies. "
Activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Nicholas Rasyuk hopes to obtain a certificate of the candidate from the workforce building trust number 17. He admits what to do it will be tough:
"I was trying to isolate from the collective. Deduced from the brigade slowly. And I think that if they prepare minutes of meetings to nominate candidates, I just find myself behind. I will not be."
According to Nikolai Rasyuk, pressure from the administration of the company began in June after builders collective complaint to the presidential administration. In the letter, they complained to their prepyadstviya. Authorities considered a pioneer Nicholas Rasyuk writing complaint.
On their own failures nominees inform the election headquarters of the United Democratic Forces. With their complaints acquainted our correspondent Vladimir Glod.
Possible candidates for the House of Representatives on the Vitebsk rural district from the list of the United Democratic Forces, a member of the BPF Leonid Autukhou not extended service contract. He believes, because of his political activity in general and because of the intention to run for parliament.
Then the emperor Avtukhov appealed for help to the current deputy Valery Lektorov Chamber:
"I have prepared for him three questions. And at the meeting spoke to him in Belarusian, municipal language. And he says to me: I — Russian and Belarusian language I do not know.
Then I asked the prosecutor, that against the deputy initiated a criminal case. After all, it offends me — so many years is our bread and Belarusian Belarusian know! Prosecutors refused. And a day or from the pressure on me was even more active. I made a complaint to the Vitebsk Regional Tribunal. I was told that the meeting will be held in 10 days. "
Valery Lecturers, which is currently 61 years old, really born in the Altai. But he graduated from Vitebsk medical institute in 1970. Since that time, lives and works in Belarus, and in Parliament — without interruption since 1995.
First deputy chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka summarizes:
"Already there are all grounds to claim that the election campaign that is planned to power, can not be considered free and fair, and thus the smallest aspects of the respective OSCE, unless terminated at least some evidence of persecution if returned to the people will not work unless repealed criminal and administrative sentences imposed for political reasons. "
CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik states that the Central Election Commission appeals of this kind has not been:
"The election campaign has just started. Goes nominations to district election commissions. And so far no complaints from the subjects of the electoral process in the Central Election Commission did not act."

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