Elections: the opposition and the authorities — for international observation

The evaluation mission finds: the elections in Belarus needs to build 40 300 Short-term and long-term observers, as a team of professionals. This recommendation was the result of a visit to Belarus on June 9-12 Assessment Mission Office. Then, before his departure from Minsk, experts promised to tell about their own decision within two to three weeks.
Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko met with participants assessment mission in Minsk. He focuses on the fact that the staff of the Bureau decision only perceived after, as our eyes have seen the preparations for the elections:
"They looked at themselves themselves met people themselves decided. Means that decision responsibly. And it’s great.
Second — we also support the international observation. After all, we for the fact that the elections were democratic, not so that we somehow make arrangements with the government. Because I believe that this is not a bad decision. And it will help us in the implementation of this campaign. "
CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik reads: work with international observers for the CEC — this is not news:
"For the activities of international observers Republic of Belarus made all the conditions. We are in no way limit the freedom of choice of objects for observation. They may be in the election commissions at all levels in the areas of elections, learn how the organization contributes to the local administration elections, how they work political parties and certain candidates. "
Expert campaign Sergei Alfer gives his explanation of why the arrival of international observers can be viewed as a positive thing:
"There will arrive the people who watched the election in various countries. Those who come first time, not a lot, as it is defined STRIPS people that have After observing the elections, including in countries where elections are held undemocratically.
Very basically, that observation was from the beginning of the election campaign, as when you see the last day, you can skip a huge amount of points. Specifically, they suggest — if not held democratic campaign. We have, for example, the situation is such that has not had time UCP nominate their own representatives in the CEC, as they put him for 7 days. It’s just one of the bells, which indicate, that the election campaign began in police regime and not in the mode of openness. And it will all be recorded by observers. "

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