Elections: Will the Democratic activists to precinct commissions?

Mogilev region is a 400 precinct election commissions. Will the Democrats in the region of the human resources to each plot to push their own representatives? Let’s hear what our vyznat your correspondent:
In the election headquarters of the regional coalition they say that such difficulties are foreseen. Here that reads Managing regional election headquarters of the United Democratic Forces Yuri Novikov:
"In Mogilev and Bobruisk, I believe, is not a big problem to choose 30 or 35 people. Might appear we only difficulties in the regional centers. Much of this work falls on the team of candidates, to be take care that their representatives were nominated to the district commissions. "
BPF with Drybin Andrew Jurkov preparing to run for the House of Representatives by Gorki electoral environment. He recognizes that human resource has little — only about 20 people.
"If we single out people in the district commissions, if they fail to collect signatures for me. According abilities will naturally find people and put them in areas observers. Lude intimidated, that’s the whole problem. People in private conversations they say — yes, we agree, but comes to a particular case, all fear. "
Said Andrew Jurkov. I note that the committee to highlight quite collect the signatures of 10 people.
Our subsequent interlocutor — Vladimir Katsora. He — Managing Homel regional branch of the movement "For Freedom":
"In 1-x for me now the big question is how to react our favorites in Minsk that the vast majority of candidates in the county commission is not included. And if no applications or proposals, it is difficult to work with people. In addition, pressure from the authorities after the July 3-4, amplified, and it also makes it difficult to work with people. Richly who call the police. This is the brand new political situation. "
On matters of the opposition in the Grodno region, our correspondent reports:
"Managing the regional organization of BPF Sergei boy says that while the party does not change the scenario of its own role in the elections. Own representatives it has in the vicinity of 4 — 2-in Grodno and one in Slonim and Lida.
"Forming of the Group. Prepare People who are planning to allocate to the precinct commission, no matter what. And then we’ll see further."
All future party candidates in the Grodno region also continued to prepare for the campaign for the registration and collection of signatures, says boy.
As to the entire regional UDF coalition, no configurations, it is also unavailable.
Boy: "We plan obviously in all districts to prepare observers. They will not close all the sites, but for some sites we monitor. Planned training specifically party observers from the UDF, which are distributed in certain areas."
Sergei boy observes that there are proposals to convene a regional council SLM, to discuss the situation and make a corresponding decision. This can happen at first next week, said the emperor boy.

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