Encyclopedia of creativity Bykov

Ready manuscript book covers the period from the beginning of the current path of the national writer Vasil Bykov Belarus to the last days. Created research — journalist Sergei Shapran. Introduction to the book back in the future 2006 wrote a close friend of Vasily Vladimirovich national poet Ryhor Baradulin. Scientific editor of the book — doctor of philology, literary critic Misha Tychina. What material is based book? Knows Sergei Shapran:
"It is called" Vasil Bykov. The history of life in the documents, publications, memoirs, letters. "Because you can read it a documentary. There actually collected all. First it is based on the publications of the Vasiliy Vladimirovich in the press, also on the fact that Bykov wrote about his works. While in 1960 the works criticized Bykov and abused, in other words, and it is. And if later on the same product through the decades wrote fine, it is also reflected there. Many archival materials from the collections of museums and municipal Belarusian from personal archives. Biography of Vasily Vladimirovich traced in letters and memoirs about him. At the same time as we have previously printed and unfamiliar wide range of readers who never printed. "
Hitherto unknown in the midst of memories of classic Belarusian literature — memoirs of the first and last Soviet president, Nobel laureate Misha Gorbachev. Immediately recognizable memories, conversations Russian politicians and public figures, for which the Bulls was and remains a prototype service to democratic principles. Among them — policies of perestroika era, Alexander Yakovlev, writer Chingiz Aitmatov, who died on days of, another Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn, frontline writers Boris Vasilyev and Grigory Baklanov, Moscow literary Lazar Lazarev and Valentin Oskotsky, translator of German language Bykov Norbert rand.
Extensively represented Belarusians, spiritually close to Vasil Bykov — Zenon Pozniak public figures, Sergei Navumchyk, Stanislav Shushkevich, writers Svetlana Aleksievich Gennady Buraukin. Shared his memoirs writer’s sister Valentina Bykov Sergey offspring. Also Grodno — Grodno Municipal Institute Dr. Alex Pyatkevich poet Yuri Golub and friend Basil V. Grodno period Boris Klein, which is currently lives in the United States.
Volume of collected material future book eclipse all previous papers on Vasil Bykov. In the manuscripts it is one hundred percent ready, now the case is under seal.
By the way, a few people have read the manuscript and gave his assessment of the work. Here the poet’s memory Vladimir Niakliaeu:
"This book gives the most complete picture of all relevant and creative way Vasily Bykov, difficulties and contradictions of the times in which he lived, worked and fought. This book is not only about literature, but in connection with Bykov — not about the increasingly important action nedavneshney Belarusian history. "
Own response to the documentary work and the creator gave an introduction to the book Ryhor Baradulin:
"This book actually encyclopedia creativity Bykov. It must certainly give. Honor someone who would lead to the publication of a unique book, will be the highest."
I should add that all matters connected with the publication of the book "Vasil Bykov. History of life in the documents, publications, memoirs, letters," presently engaged in World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland."

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