EU gives weakening Cuba

Sanctions that were imposed by Brussels to Havana in 2003 and suspended in 2005, concerning the prohibition of contact between bureaucrats highest rank of the EU and Cuba.
EU Commissioner for external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that the lifting of sanctions is designed to contribute to the reforms initiated in soon Cuba.
"Sanctions against Cuba be lifted, but once we clearly say that Cubans should still do" — said Waldner. — "Certainly I mean release political prisoners and real progress on the issue of Human Rights. We will conduct surveillance, or something will change here. "
Before the vote to lift sanctions Washington Brussels warned that such a move could add legitimacy to the dictatorial regime. And stressed that reforms Raul Castro, who has replaced his own brother Fidel after 49 years of rule, have a "cosmetic" nature. U.S. continue to retain the ban on the South American trade with Cuba and investment on the peninsula.
Raul Castro has eased some restrictions on the daily lives of Cubans. Citizens now have the right to freely take computers and cell phones, hiring a car and staying in hotels that were previously provided only for foreigners. He also abolished the "egalitarianism" in Cuban salaries, pardoned several convicts on death and released from the bullpen some political prisoners.
But critics say the Cuban regime that Raul Castro, in fact, no different from his brother Fidel.
"I do not think Raoul’s eyes other than Fidel," — quoted the agency Royterz 1st gavantsa. — "Raul — is the historical successor of the revolution. If the EU think that this is not the case, then they impale themselves on possible configurations and relatively Raoul."
Big fan of the EU lifting sanctions was Spain, and belonged to the big opponents Czech Republic. Czech foreign minister Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said that the progress of Cuba in rights issue Rights will reviewed every year, and that it is possible to restore sanctions.

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