European Belarus plans to collect one million signatures

More intensively collecting signatures will be scheduled directly with the agitation of the election campaign. But now for Belarus in the European Union have expressed several 10’s of thousands of people, says one of the campaigners Zmiter Barodka:
"It may be noted that while collecting signatures none of our people have not seen negative things signatories to the idea of Belarus’ accession to the EU. People express or positive attitude, or indifferent, but not negative. These signatures are a demonstration of euros choice of the Belarusian people. And we wish that this response of the Belarusian people heard in Europe and the world. "
According Barodka, signatures are collected from people at their homes, at work and on the street. Support joining of Belarus into the European Union in Minsk passers — interested people on the streets of the town:
Woman: "In principle, yes. It goes, Belarus will be close to other countries, are all together, not alone. It’s easier. "
Man: "I feel sorry for the European Union if we will enter there. Warehouse mind. They need a European, we have, as you know, an Asian."
Lady: "I think you can over time. If possible. Maybe some would be mutual. Maybe the border open. I think it’s good. "
Guy: "Yes, of course, wish to. This prestigious Belarus it would be. Especially since, that we are in Europe and, of course, so must . "
Long campaign aims not only to collect signatures, and promotional and educational work in the midst of the inhabitants of the country, says another protester, activist Zmitser Dashkevich:
"Our people explain to people that Belarus is in Europe, and it is not necessary nor justified viewpoint geography, based on the belief history. We stand for the fact that prices have been canceled for Schengen visa. To the citizens of Belarus had the opportunity to more intensively participate personally in the process of European integration. It is necessary for the Belarusians to realize that apart from the eastern vector of development, we still have the other. More promising and more than reliable for our country ". Tags: European, collection, signatures, Belarus

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