Expelled students became less

This year, for the institutions of the Belarusian opposition activities expelled about 10 ka students. This almost 50 times less than in the past two years. In the list are only those against whom criminal cases filed, also favorites of youth organizations.
In Polotsk municipal institute expelled Catherine Solovyov. As against the girls opened a criminal investigation for his role in an unregistered organization "Young Front", she was summoned to the department of foreign languages and said that expelled for omissions and underachievement.
Minor Mozyr activist "Young Front" Fyodor Cherenkov expelled from Mozyrskogo Pedagogical University after him were administrative reports for his role in an unsanctioned rally.
Activist movement "Jeans for Freedom" Tatiana Tsishkevich expelled from the Institute of Physical Education, where she was serving a sentence for his role in the action business.
Activist of the unregistered organization "Revolt" Anton Koipish expelled from the Faculty of Mathematics of BSU, after the boy received the status of the accused in the "case of 14".
Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled from the Gomel Medical Institute after he tried to organize a concert bard. While the young man tried in court to recognize the illegal expulsion, against his will drafted into the army.
This year, the guys started dropout problem with recruitment. Threw their agendas on the commission, district warned about criminal responsibility for evading military service. Franak Vyachorka a couple of times called the draft board. The medical board had found his eye disease. After surgery, Frank gave a reprieve from the army for six months.
Franak Vyachorka says:
"The move was made despite the fact that work different international support applets excluded politically motivated students. Such as programm Kalinowski, the European Institute for the Humanities., And that these students have not been able either to go abroad or to continue his political activities in Belarus. Their simple recruit, mobilize the army. other circumstances such mass rekrutatsyi this summer I can not see. Global rekrutatsyya vorachivaetsya and forced us from the time of the Russian Empire, when people disliked the king forcibly taken away for 25 years in the Russian army. "
Currently Franak Institute suing for the right to continue studies on journalism.
BPF activist Katya Markov, so as not to have problems because she refused to go after work for BSU rassredotachivaniyu, did not go to the exam, not to get a diploma.
But the graduate of BSU Ksenia Avilava already received a summons to court-martialed for refusing to work in the Volozhin district newspaper.
"That I knew that this would be, I’d better not arrive at economical office at the time, and would remain on paid. This would be cheaper than paying at the moment for my training means absolutely. Rassredotachivanie Dean did not like in the newspaper in which I was working in "Belarusians and Market." He never said that the newspaper itself allows for invalid expressions in the address of the authorities, because we will not distribute there. "
For the eyes of its democratic institutions were fired several teachers. Among them — the teacher of the Institute of Culture Yuri Bachischa. Appeal to the tribunal failed. International projects only help students who are being persecuted for his role in the democratic movement. Laid-off teachers are left alone with their own problem. They fall into the "black list" and get a teaching job can no longer.

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