Explosives seek out relatives Basil Starovojtova

"Over the coming week already 8 times, all interested in my spouse Zhalabaevym Sergei, who was convicted of illegal possession of weapons. Asked, where he was July 3 and 4, where there hides weapons and explosives, "- said Tatiana.
For ladies, after the last conversation with the police Sergey Zhalabaev went to her parents in Russia. "I see, that there I measured life will never be, "- he said goodbye.
Tribunal over Basil Starovojtova took place in 1998. Together with the former chairman of the "Dawn" were convicted of his daughter Tatiana and son Sergei Zhalabaev.
"Our once happy family after disintegrated. Live all alone, very hard. Even there is no work, that’s the third year of the unemployed "- said" Freedom "Tatiana Zhalabaeva.
In her father’s house Basil Starovojtova police in connection with the explosion is not raided.

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