Fans torturing choice: Torpedo Zhodino or Dutch team?

Kolishni head coach of the national team of Belarus State Anatoly Baydachny believes that there is action on the football arenas in Austria and Switzerland in general develop "routinely":
"Basically, all the while developing planning. Except maybe meeting of Turkey-Czech Republic: Czechs released the game in what should have been overcome. While followed by the command, and which was calculated. Bad start in France and Italy. But after the world championships usually it happens : the decline observed in leading teams. impartially Bo’s time to make a generational change, slightly old already major players. And like the championship is quite fascinating. "
Translyatsyi Euro championship in This year for the first time acquired channel ONT. Fans drew attention not only to the new names of commentators, and on the manner of conducting the reports. Many astonished angazhavanasts separate leading and their guests who openly worry about one of the teams on the field. For example, the Russian national team call "our" and players "own". Sportscaster First National Channel Alexander Putilo considers unacceptable when commentators openly show their sympathy:
"If a man sits down at the microphone, he is not entitled to the privileges, surviving for a certain team. Believe it’s also a great art — to be able to conduct reporting. Even if you are follower of football or other — the euro, African or South American — you should still be entertaining for everyone. To do this you must be a good-read, have the highest level of inteligentnastsi. Well, certainly sports base to know a lot of disk imaging is not only about that team that you support in the shower. necessary to be more conscientious, more literate, and then turn tsikavy report . And no one will be offended — no one advocates or supporters of the second team. In this sense, we have flaws in Belarus: unfortunately, very often involve quite a reportage case of men. "
Along with the European championship in Belarus is a state football championship. At the same time until the last days the first group matches in the towns of Austria and Switzerland coincided with meetings, for example, in Vitebsk and Smorgon — no mystery in favor of that given class games eventually inclined fans. Or not it would be wiser to this time adjust the dates domestic championship?
Today’s mentor Minsk club "MTZ-RIPA" Yuri Puntus, which time also defended the coaching at the bridge of the Belarusian team, with that wording of the question does not agree. Begins with a visit to:
"Naturally, when we played with" Smargonnyu "and Spain played with Russia, then yes. But it was only one episode. Adjust something hard when every day in groups are playing. But do not see any reason to stop the championship if we there do not, and all of our players are in teams. We are not so little and gives attention to the team, giving them the opportunity to prepare — as was the two-week break in May., and so we conclude with our weather criteria are not very best time. And so we have took a month — in order to look at the championship? And again the same — it is the viewer looks. And players need trenavatstsa. Leaves, 5 months of inactivity in the prep season and another month — in the midst? If we did this, it would be incorrect and unprofessional. "
Can not the team to beat Belarus on equal terms with competitors at the finish of the world if not, then at least the last continental championship? At least, one of the mistresses of the championship, the Austrian national team in FIFA rankings below Belarusians. Or even early to predict such a theory? That outlook Anatolia Baydachnogo:
"Belarus has participated in this championship, it just misses the finishing part. And there is no such aspect — at some point. You just need to do their chempiyanat decent, at the highest level, to invest in it a lot of money. Eighth time you play there. if you do not do this, then you will not be at the level gulyats. Look — all countries that play there, have a well developed structure of football. And just at the moment when we go to the same national championship, people are able to make appropriate comparison of the game. "
In Belarusian bukmekerskih offices at the finish the group stage of the European Championship 2008 in pobkditeli escaped teams that at the top draw in nekordinalno each other. It commands the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. It is significant that none of them to the European Championship in favorites did not appear — two weeks back the bid made by Germany, France and Italy. Tags: Forecasts, European championship, football

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