Favors OSCE Parliamentary Elections

She discussed the conditions of the international observation of the parliamentary elections in Belarus, which should walking in the autumn. Experts will present their findings to the management of the Office and the OSCE. And only then it will be decided — or to send international observers to the Belarusian elections, and if sent, in what format they will work.
And the head of the mission — Gerald Mitchell, and other members refused to be interviewed. And not because they ignore the journalists. Their mandate forbids comments on what they saw and heard in Belarus.
But goodbye experts promised almost two to three weeks to prepare its own report. She was sent to the Belarusian authorities. Besides, this document will be posted on the official web site of the Bureau, and with it can read anyone.
What memories do you have to meet with the professionals of the Bureau? With this issue I turned to those with whom they communicated in Belarus.
Lidia Yermoshina — Chairman of the Central Election Commission:
"With one side, I am pleased to build up the people with whom I have long cooperated. On the other — I have a feeling that the OSCE standards, despite the efforts of the CIS states, do not change.
There were several requests to reform the Office’s work in the field of election observation. This applies to the formation of missions, their work. But until we litsezreem awareness. Although the band, which now have been quite accurately said that our wishes (which correspond to the principles of the OSCE) will be very considered. How will it be in fact, yet hard to say.
To be honest, some important task ahead of him, I did not set. I think that the main working points will have to pronounce with the mission, which will come to work in the Republic of Belarus after the invitation. "
Coordinator of the campaign "For free and fair elections" Viktor Kornienko:
"As I understand the situation at the moment pochetaemye international organizations recognize the prospects for future elections: whether in Belarus finally some configuration, and what they do — send observers here or not."
"And what decision they tend?"
"I think that, likely will limit the duration of the mission. And if the results of its to be more-less positive (which I very much doubt), then the short-term observation will be a day of elections.
Will be very clear monitoring likely. This — my prediction, maybe I’m wrong. "
Specific date of the parliamentary elections in Belarus so far not been determined. The draft presidential decree, according to Lydia Yermoshina, provided the date of September 28.

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