Fifth generation fighters ventured

Fifth generation fighters ventured

According to the views of American professionals only subtle fighters 5th generation will be able to survive on the battlefield, the saturated air defenses and enemy aircraft. To give the aircraft more capabilities, U.S. Air Force plans to surround them with a network of single nanobespilotnikov.

In the future, the U.S. Air Force to penetrate the air space of the enemy will use stealth fighters, surrounded by a flock nanobespilotnikov.

U.S. Air Force intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Larry James appreciates the South American experience of the last 10 years in gaining advantages in the air and defeat the enemy using aviation. But, according to the views of James further vulnerable like UAV MQ-1 Predators and MQ-9 Reapers fail impunity hover over enemy territory. The same applies to other aircraft, particularly languid clumsy spies like RC-135 Rivet.

Fifth generation fighters ventured

Mikrobespilotniki like CICADA subsequently take over the management of intelligence more unsafe directions

Because the F-22 aircraft and F-35 are the only manned aircraft capable conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance in complex criteria sverhtehnologichny war. Larry James emphasizes that both aircraft 5th generation have a huge number of sensors which ensure efficient surveillance and reconnaissance is not worse than the specialized reconnaissance aircraft.

Scientific Advisory Board U.S. Air Force Command and the U.S. Air Force at the present time working on the latest strategies and technologies for the use of the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II as a reconnaissance platform. This work will be completed by summer 2012.

One of the problems is the transmission of a data set that is collected detectors aircraft fifth generation. Most likely, F-22 and F-35 will be integrated into the modern architecture of U.S. military intelligence, including the connection of distributed data networks. USAF also considering the creation of sensors operating outside the enemy’s defenses. Filled with such systems F-22 and F-35 will be able to explore the area of ​​the enemy, not entering the zone acts of his air defenses. Other options include the introduction of cosmic systems and kiberrazvedki.

But the priority is to develop stealth UAV who are able to infiltrate deep into enemy terrain. Also in the future fighter fifth generation can expand their capacity by one-time nano-UAVs operating in a single network and virtually unhindered flying «over the heads» of calculations enemy air defense systems.

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