Fighter F-35C experienced full-missile bomb load

Fighter F-35C experienced full-missile bomb load
Deck version of the fighter F-35C «Lightning 2″ has been tested with a full bomb load rocket, ARMS-TASS reported with reference to the company «Lockheed Martin»
Flight was conducted at an air base in the Navy Patuxent River. Test aircraft (LA) with the designation CF-01 was equipped with missiles «air-to-air» AIM-9X «Sidewinder» (Sidewinder), guided air bombs (ASD) laser-guided GBU-12 «Peyvuey-2» (Paveway II ) and a container of artillery weapons. Representative applets to create the F-35 Lara Siebert said that despite the fact that the composition located on the aircraft missile and bomb armament was not the languid, were involved in all the suspension components. During the test flight the pilot ran the RAF Wing Commander Andy Edzhell.

Version of the fighter F-35B and F-35C, designed for the use of the Marine Corps (ILC) of the U.S. Air Force and Navy of England, equipped removable container cannon placed at the bottom of the aircraft. Version F-35A, which is meant to put the U.S. Air Force, armed with cannon integrated container.

Specialists point out that despite the fact that the F-35 stealth aircraft is considered, the introduction of weapons on the outer suspension significantly increases fighter radar signature.

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