Finals — through the tribunal?

Soligorskiy Tribunal considered the application now Vladimir Shiloh demanding the city Department of Education to recognize the illegal expulsion from school № 4 Salihorsk his son Ivan.

Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich, who was on the court, said, "Freedom", which was heard by the applicant’s request, and after the tribunal interviewed some witnesses:

"The officials of the parties agree with the requirements of the complaint. Accordingly, they believe that they acted correctly when Ivan Shyla was expelled from school. At the same time refer to the charter of the school rules and regulations on the items in the school, as the provisions of the basic and secondary school. Representatives of the Department of Education say that in some cases student who has attained the age of 15, can be expelled from school for a flagrant violation of the discipline and regulations. "

Vice-chairman "Junior Front"Ivan Shyla was expelled from school in April, for the day before the final exam — on the British language.

Valentin Stefanovich said specifically what Ivan Shyla political commitment to the opposition — the main cause of his persecution:

"As human rights, we believe that here there are signs of a discriminatory approach. Example, I debated with many principals. Nobody said they were not about my dismissal. Contrary, even the worst students brought to graduation. And when I listen this process, I get the impression that not everything here is connected specifically with absenteeism. Ivan Shyla was not an A, but everyday average student. And it is not the worst of them, and even better. "

In June, teachers’ council school number 4 made youth activist exam, but at the request of Minsk on the second ballot Board decided exclusion. Olga Senkova headmaster wrote in a protest letter of resignation on their own, and her deputy for education Lena Semchenkova was fired for "poor performance."

Ivan Shyla been explained that he can apply for exams externally in June.

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