First day of the Slavic market: detention and bans

By opposition, he was approached by an unknown man for 40 years and tried to provoke a hassle. As it turned out, the development of this conflict should be a policeman in civilian clothes, which caused the company car. At the police station he pasvedchyv that 60-year-old opposition leader first began neprelichno expressed in the address of the unemployed men born in 1971. And Khamaida, replaced in order to assure the offender inflicted injuries were taken to the railway district tribunal.
Vitebsk activist Lena came Zalesskaya processes to support a friend who suffered from a bully. She heard that he has become the accused.
"I opened my mouth in surprise when I uttered:" And it is going to take at the moment. "How lucky? Where lucky? I went to the police car, Boris sits inside, the phone taken away. Someone who pounced on him, already released and Boris was arrested for three days, "- told Lena Zalesskaya.

With applets visit Alexander Lukashenko Vitebsk inhabitants are not familiar, because to get to meet him could only specially invited persons.

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