First day without station October

Trains first band pass this station, and the lobby "October" serves as a transition from the second band Metro bus number 33. Reconstruction will last from now, on June 9 to September 1.

Reporter: "Have you tried to go to the station at the moment, right?"
Man: "Yes."
Reporter: "So what?"
Man: "And nothing. Not allowed. Says that reconstruction transition. "
Reporter: "And you did not know?"
Man: "I do not know. I now came from Grodno and do not know how to get to the East now. Go to another station. "

Lady: "I do not know how I get on Kupalovskaya. I wander around at the moment, and not only me. I, too, many people asked, so do not wander alone. Poorly explained to where to go and how to go, what to transitions. "
Builders have already started to work, said one of them, who identified himself as Misha Alexandrovich:
Reporter "What kind of work is already being done?"
Man: "dismantled escalators."
Reporter: "And people still go?"
Man: "Go. Not yet know. "

Man: "Enough."
I witnessed how the passengers argue with controllers:
Lady: "Why should I pay twice for the badge?"
Controller: "If you enter into a separate bus, you pay the same."
Lady: "But why do I not know about it in advance?"
Controller: "Girls, please refer to Lenin Square, 6 because our management there, and I’m just at work."
Karspandentka "What happened, tell me?"

To make up for the inconvenience to passengers, the authorities in Minsk bus number 33 allowed on the route from the metro station "Institute of Culture" to the metro station "Victory Square".
Talking with passengers who expect the bus.
Reporter "This new route you are traveling for the first time?"
Lady: "First Time".
Reporter "Especially because subway or case got?"
Lady: "Because of the subway. Normal route, everything is fine, but what with the metro, we do not agree. This question obmyslennoe not. For behold I was eating with children’s camp ancestors gave the children money for a trip to the 2-directions. And now we need to get another badge. How to be — I do not know. Very hard. "

Lady: "No, it is uttered, that there for free. "
City officials promised that travel along the route number 33 will be free. This was previously stated director of the municipal institution "Metropolitan Transport and communication" Valery Shkuratov.
But passengers on the bus they say that getting tickets still have.
Employee enterprise "Minsktrans" who did not want to call his name, spoke, followed by this:

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