Flowers of Life: Perm fashion for large families

In the Perm region in the last year recorded a sharp increase in both the number of families with many children, and the number of babies who were born in the existing large families. This growth of large families in the region had never observed.

The data, which show an unprecedented growth in the region and the number of families with many children, and the number of children born in the existing large families, were presented at the Forum of the Regional Public Organization "many children of the Perm Region", which was held in Perm.

The event was made governor of the Perm Territory, Viktor Basargin. Instead of welcoming speech on duty for 10 minutes, the head of the Kama had many children with the activists of the movement for more than two hours. Company he was profiled ministers, and heads of major edge construction companies.

"In large families say that for us this year was very successful. Demographics improving, we have repeatedly said that this year almost 39,000 babies born, and about 5,000 were in their third and subsequent homes. We never there was no such increase in our large families. That is, in general, the number of large families have increased over the year and totaled 800 at the moment 17,144 families"- Said Viktor Basargin in a welcome speech at the forum of regional public organization" many children of the Perm region. "

The fact that the authorities in the region will support large families, Viktor Basargin promised more than a year ago in the published annual address to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, which included plans for 2012. Head of the province said that the region's financial policy will be aimed primarily at supporting families with three or more children, not just the poor, but everyone. Official promised to large number of benefits and additional payments, including those from the regional budget.

In a message to the governor of the Legislative Assembly of the edge states:

"We introduce a monthly payment of a living wage,which is almost 6,000 rubles a month for the third and subsequent children up to 3 years who were born after December 31, …

Regional funds of the parent capital can now also be sent for repair and gasification of housing, education and treatment of children. They will take advantage of in 2013 4900 families. On this, the budget provides nearly 500 million rubles.

Commenced the provision of land for the construction of large families. This year, whichever is sabotage, we will create 2,585 plots of 388 hectares.

Prepared bills … the right of young and large families to harvest wood for construction. They will be able to enjoy an annual 4,000 families.

An important factor in the solution of the child's birth — the possibility of its further development, especially in pre-school institutions. Our task is to eliminate in 2015 30000th place in kindergartens. In the 2012-2014 years. will create 21,700 places in kindergartens through the construction of 91 buildings for 11 600 seats, the restoration of 65 previously closed at 6,800 locations and expand to 3,300 new jobs existing kindergartens. "

The journalists decided to find out to what extent the measures of support promised by the governor to become a reality, and they have influenced the decision to start the third and subsequent children.

First of all, all the heads of large families surveyed said that the main reason for the increasing number of large families was the fact that to them finally treated like human beings. Almost all of the respondents noted that in recent years the region has been quite a lot of steps made towards large families. Some of them were a continuation of federal policy in this matter, any — independent of government initiatives.

Today, in the Perm region operates a number of regional programs aimed at supporting large families. For example, in 2012 the authorities in the region have established a regional maternity capital. Its size is 100 thousand rubles, and pay it to families who have given the third and subsequent children. In addition, families receive additional payments from the regional budget in the amount of the subsistence minimum for the third and subsequent children who are not yet six years.

Large families in Perm allocate land plots prepared with infrastructure. The Current Situation of the land fund formed in 2058 and allocated plots of land, of which 1,127 have already been given to large families, still plans to distribute more than 1,000 in April of this year.

For the period of construction of the house on a dedicated section of the land tax rate for large families reduced to 0% — an initiative of the municipal boundary.

In addition, many children have the opportunity to receive concessional commercial timber for house construction (up to 100 cu. Meters per family), outbuildings (up to 50 cu. Meters per family) and for the overhaul of the house and outbuildings.

As part of the "Housing for young families in the Perm region" in 2012 their living conditions improved 331 large family.

One of the positive factors in respect of the third child was named by the respondents and the emergence of social organization that represents the interests of large families in the Perm region and lobbying for them in the local government.

Of course, economic incentives and benefits, for all their importance, are not decisive in the matter, to give birth to a child. The main reason for which there are large families — a sincere desire and willingness of the parents. This was told all the parents of large families with whom we managed to communicate. However, many said they could not believe the presence of three children in the family something special.

Quite often reminded reporters about such factors as age. Contrary to the common view that it is necessary to have time to live, and then the children acquire, in large families prevails opposite position.

But the most important change in the last year were the changes in the heads, sure interlocutors. Be many children, maybe not so fashionable as officials warn, but not exactly shameful.

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