Four new departments were opened at MIPT in Dolgoprudnom


The creation of a new base chairs marked this autumn for the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (State University) in Dolgoprudnom. One of the last was the chair of the Russian Venture Company "Managing technology projects."

— Basic Chairs — is the core of the system PTI, — Said the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev. — Previously, these departments were academic, at the Institute. But today, with the emergence of the country's new high-tech sector — business, which strongly attracts creative and energetic students, the situation is changing. Since the discovery of the basic chairs institutions of the innovation market — a very timely step.

Head Department of JSC "Russian Venture Company" "Information Technology Project" became CEO Igor Agamirzyan. During his graduate students will attend courses such as project management, systems analysis and systems engineering, forecasting technological development, innovation management, and others. In addition to the master's program, the Department will also prepare whole college introductory course for all undergraduate students.

New department will coordinate with other recently discovered in MIPT basic departments, among which Department of "KhimRAR" "The innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology", headed by Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board biofarmklastera "North" Andrey Ivashchenko. This new department, which was established as part of a biofarmklastera "North", was a continuation of the federal project, of which already includes such Dolgoprudnenskoye enterprises as JSC "Pharmstandard" and FSUE "SPC NIOPIK" and designed to facilitate the development of innovative processes in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

In a series of new departments and the base Department of JSC "RUSNANO" "Technological Entrepreneurship", as well as Department of "Yandex" "Data Analysis".

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