Franak Vyachorka: It was like a farce

"We already had a preparatory conversation with the referee and members of the Institute. They are configured to respond to my complaint arguments, say, I were poorly trained, the procedure has not been broken. I’m going to prove that estimates put the name of commissions were unfair, biased. A-2 in -x, the procedure was broken, I did not have the ability to retake both exams. "
Franak Vyachorka Tribunal will push through their own recovery tuition:
"Accordingly, the return delay from the army and the right to free education. After recovery under the statute in the case of BSU deductions for underachievement anticipates a return to the same course and paid department that I absolutely do not fit."
According Franak Vyachorka on Actually expulsion was due to the fact that he became very objectionable Management Institute and the Ministry of Education:
"It is perceived specific role in my dismissal and the whole procedure, which began during my 15-day arrest until a day or my contributions February 15 — it was all like a farce. If anybody for what was not responsible, no nothing did not know, and at the same time everyone was doing their dirty work. "

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