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"Free Theatre" can not guarantee foreign participant in the theater festival is nothing except the warm welcome of the public. Which, by the way, on the underground screenings to be collected in rigid criteria conspiracy. Quite recall that a year earlier during the play "11 shirts" commandos stormed a safe place, were detained fifty spectators of the performance of France, members of the Paris theater-studio "Artfatvil" and two theater school teachers from Holland.
Next guest director of the Belarusian capital of Germany Kai Ohremu also had to adapt to extreme conditions. His performance of "Scissors" was held in an abandoned building. Real-time content scenic dialogues translated from the German on the whiteRussian language. Okhrem work with Belarus "Free Theatre" connects voedinyzhdy first awkward topics that many developers are trying to get around.
Managing theater Nikolai Khalezin states that at the moment many just and travels to Belarus to extreme, which in the rest of Europe simply does not have:

"This festival started two years reversed when we came to the Czech theater, that has very funny title "Most beloved Bears." It was underground theater at the time when the Czech Republic was a communist dictatorship. Theatre exists at the moment. Later he was invited to Minsk Christian Benedetti of theater-studio "Artfatvil" he worked here play "11 shirts" and was arrested. But we continued to work, and then arrived in Minsk Kai Okhrem who staged under the title "Groom." Then we decided that Kai should also bring us another own performance, which received very good criticism in Hamburg. This show has the title "Scissors" and put on the text of the German playwright Dea Loher. "
But Nikolai Khalezin continues with this year theater festival format will be changed. Now foreign theatergoers will not only demonstrate, and teaches:
"This summer we will open a studio for training actors. This will be a unique studio in which actors will be trained in various areas of the theatrical sphere. This acting, dance and even drama — anything that does not add formal education. For this we invite actors here of the leading global theaters, which will conduct master classes and lessons with our studio members. They will also demonstrate their generation — as performances and sketchy monologue work. "
Now more time "Free Theatre" spends zabugornyh travel. In some countries, artists are already well aware — not so long ago they came back from France, where the second time showed "Generation Jeans». Before that, in Greece, received the prestigious theater award "Europe — the theater." Promotion "Free Theatre" promote world many light that enters the board of trustees of the theater — the British Tom Stoppard and Marc Ravenhil, Czech Vaclav Havel, French Ariane Mnouchkine.

Critic Maxim Zhbankov states that at the moment the international recognition of the Belarusian theater bring several stage projects, at first it was said already "Free Theatre" Vyacheslav Inozemtseva "Inzhest." Municipal theaters stew in its own juice and in comparison with others, do not develop:
"There is a municipal theater, there is a non-governmental entreprise, in other words the commercial theater, and there are other non-state stage projects. So here’s municipal institutions against other — in deep stupor. The best confirmation of this — what happened to our theater festivals. At first was when Andrew Kureichik organized "Open Format", later is something more modestly — "Panorama". And then in the end it was all over what? Burlyaevskim "Slavic-vityazevskim" theater festival — orthodox and authoritarian. "
Now "Free Theatre" working on the play "Discover Love" real and catastrophic history, occurred in modern Belarus. Nikolai Khalezin play was written with the assistance of Natalia Kolyada, pre-premiere screening is scheduled for early July. This is a continuation of previous work "Generation Jeans», will be two stories eaten in a diptych. performance tells the history of relations Anatolia and Ira Krasouskayas. Recall that Krasovsky together with opposition politician Viktor Gonchar disappeared in 1999 under mysterious circumstances.

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