Friendly: build chemical plant despite protests

In the central square of the village everybody who has become a common gathering place for people who are protesting against the construction of a chemical plant in the area Russian Company "August-Bel", gathered about a thousand people. This is largely middle-aged people who came to work at the station TEC-5, youth, many mothers with a sidecar.
Also here, law enforcement officials in civilian clothes who all removed. Some of them, vice-chairman rayotdela, delivered and said that action is not sanctioned and that people will be held accountable. This amicable people responded with applause, cheers, whistling.
Whereupon took the floor and one of the activists of the active group, which reminded people why action is not authorized. Activists active group a couple of times applied for permission to hold rallies and pickets, June 14 times a day — no 1st permission was given. People during personal interviews had read about, that is the only place where they can find out the truth about what’s happening.
Namely, Sergei Obrazovsky said that despite their protests construction of the plant has already begun, and that people have no choice as to resort to any decisive action — strikes, road closures and to the railroad. People supported the applause. Then he said, people should determine the election, either whether they should participate in the elections if the people no one considered? And if they participate, you may nominate its own candidate?
Sergei Obrazovsky also said that the activities of the group took the initiative to recall deputies of local councils. Became known that 20 signed under appeal 8 people have withdrawn their signatures — for S.Abrazovskaga is nothing more than a bullying people by local authorities.
He also proposed to make environmental public company, which immediately began to rally people intensively recorded. Tags: rally, friendly

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