Geremek: Dreams are also significant in politics

Is the end of a day or working. In the corridor outside his office manager of the department of European civilization in the European Collegium in Warsaw foremost journalists, mostly Polish. I am the last, and I understand that 20 times during a day or to answer the same questions are not easy to anyone.
Dr. Bronislaw Geremek (1932-2008), but, despite its own advanced age, looks very cheerful and learning that we will talk about Belarus, enlivened — finally a change of subject, after numerous discussions on political.
Geremek impressive states that, that the place of Belarus — in the European Union and the states of the need to enable Belarusian students to study in the European institutions:

I think that the EU should open the doors of their own universities for students from Belarus.

"I’m still the principle of" four freedoms ", to ensure that requests from Belarus Europe add another — education. I think that the EU should open the doors of their own universities for students from Belarus. Necessary to make the scholarship program that have allowed them to be trained in the best European institutions. Although Belarus is not yet comes to the European Union, do it necessary to avoid dramatic differences in the education system, which is currently between the neighboring countries and EU member states. "
These words proved prophetic. The program Kalinouski in Poland invitation of Belarusian students in universities of other countries suggests that European politicians realized the message of Dr. Geremek.
Then it took only six weeks from Poland’s accession to the EU, was the campaign for elections to the European Parliament and the Poles seemed to be a busy first, but even then Geremek, to my sincere surprise, read about the specific terms of accession of Belarus to the European Union:

What prevents Belarus on its way to the European Union can be changed by one gust of wind

Geremek "In my opinion, in this sense, there is a noticeable difference between Belarus and Ukraine. Last declares a desire to join the EU and cooperating with the West. Realistically, Ukraine could join the EU for 10 years, and Belarus — for 10-15 years. Why Belarus also 10 years old, as well as for Ukraine? Because in fact, what prevents Belarus on its way to the European Union can be changed by one gust of wind and then everything will be fine. "
Geremek was in Belarus in 1998 as the manager of the OSCE. Lukashenko did not took it — it was the only similar case in Europe. Sovereign Geremek recalled this event with his characteristic dyplyamatychnastsyu:
"It seems to me that it was my expression the other day visit to the Belarusian government spoiled the mood. I have no claim to it for it, because then spoke to the address Lukashenko nearly as critical as I think of him. But this incident never had the impact on our bilateral affairs and numerous contacts that benefited our people. And if the president of Belarus did not wish to participate in these contacts, then that’s his business, and even venture to say that in the end he just lost. "
Geremek was born in Warsaw in 1932. Education — an historian. In 1968 he came out of the Polish United Workers’ Party, a symbol of protest against the intervention of the Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia.
During the second half of the 70s joined to create the famous Workers’ Defense Committee, and in the 80th together with Tadeusz Mazowiecki travels to Gdansk to support workers led by Walesa and becomes one of the main creators of the programs from the "Solidarity".
Lech Walesa, whose ways with Bronislaw Geremek, parted in the early 90’s, so his own former colleague recalls:
"Despite the current difference in opinion, it was majestic times. History and then worked stately people such specifically how Geremek."
During martial law Geremek sits in the bullpen, and in 1989 is one of the more influential members of the Polish "round table" of the opposition.
Geremek: "It was a risky time, but once a time when the Polish intelligentsia felt that finally does something, and not only lives epic, literary types passed. We realized that something very fundamental, and I accept this role. "
After the fall of communism Geremek becomes member of parliament, and later as Minister of Foreign Affairs. In this time Poland joined NATO — it was a big dream Geremek, and it specifically. on behalf of Poland signed the document of accession own country in the North Atlantic alliance.
Geremek Belarusians also assured that NATO should not be afraid:
"NATO is not against anyone, but protects its members also support peace in Europe. NATO never do anything against the will of the people of belonging to the unit. Worth remembering Kosovo, where hundreds of thousands of people were under threat only because of their own religion or nationality. NATO acted to protect them, but not against any country. In my opinion, the fact that Poland is a member of NATO — is a good symbol for the Belarusian people. symbol that NATO’s interests in any degree is not contrary to the interests Belarusians. Poles are interested in, so Belarus was on the right path, and the Poles will always stand in solidarity with Belarus ".
Perhaps the words of Bronislaw Geremek about Belarus after 15 years to join the European Union, are not realized. Maybe some would call such statements words dreamer. But almost all of that, that read Doctor for own life and what seemed to many a mystic, was realized.

Marie also significant in politics

Geremek: "Lofty Yankees Martin Luther King once said that not a solid political movement, which at first would not have been a dream. Marie also significant in politics."
July 13, after learning about the death of Geremek, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso suspended favorites summit of Europe in Paris — especially to express sorrow over the death of the majestic European, Dr. Bronislaw Geremek.

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