God, do not leave, that pension increment

I always hit our village grandmother. While citizens in the weekend days are watered later weave their numerically small, rustic old clock can handle large field. From the contemplation of a tiny, hunched figure in the midst of acres of pasture in the soul is born pity and admiration at once. Well, unless it is imperative to grow potatoes on an industrial scale? The village Skalbishcha I had covered a good bit of the field, until it got to the hostess. Fast and an old talkative.

Reporter: "And it is profitable — to plant your potatoes?"
Old Woman: "What are you reads? Naturally, profitably."
Reporter: "It’s so much work, so much effort …"
Ancient "Understand that, my owner can not go behind the plow. I’ll shoot. If you transfer money, I’d buy for myself as potatoes. Would sit all. But do usidish? Or you will sit at home, a man who worked all his life? Case in the human psyche. Profitable, unprofitable. Who do I bring this potato? Son-spivsya. "
Reporter: "Do you realize that we will have elections in the fall?"
Ancient: "I know. September 29 or what?"
Reporter: "What you are politically literate lady!"
Ancient: "Why not? We from mirror to mirror read" Sovetskaya Belorussia. "All know. For the Government will vote. Government as a good line leads. What we live badly, right? Youth, maybe kapryznichae. Looks at yeah, let Moscow . yeah You look at, let Moscow to artists. corrupting our youth. Lukashenko A fair man. All think so. "
Reporter: "Do you feel it?"
Ancient: "It is our people. Savhoznik he Kolhoznik it."
Skalbishcha curious fact that during the German occupation of the village defended as if God himself. Nearby was a large guerrilla zone. Adjoining village blaze flame. And Skalbishchy some even found a job. Naturally, under duress. Constantine Yanushkevich July 40 4th, when there was fighting between the Germans and parts reddish troops coming in, was fifteen years old. German young Belarusians took to wage war. In the food carts.

Reporter: "How did they treat you for the Germans? By the Belarusian people?"
Constantine: "To the Belarusian people were treated as different. See, and smoked. But I was in the train, I do not want to say. I was given one ration that Teuton received. At lunch walked into the dining room with a bowl. 6 cigarettes received Teuton and 6 cigarettes — I do. But I did not smoke. Teuton read in Russian. I gave him a cigarette and he gave me candy. "
In the surrounding Skalbishcha Constantine even been in a fight. And was saved by German fighters. But, curiously, talking about the war, the old man sensually determines where "our". And confirms what did not just read Valentin Taras. War in Belarus is very often wore civilian character.
Constantine: "Come on our tanks. There Germanic. Rattled all. There have imposed our tanks — the number was not. Their" tigers. "Teuton some one pushed me into the trench."
Reporter: "Well, you were born in a shirt! And Germans were more angry or tired? 40 This fourth year. What is their spirit was during these battles? "
Constantine: "I define today. This is the spirit of our enmity among themselves is very byv.Nemtsy did nothing wrong. But policemen. Now I offended neighbor. And now I’m in power. Pazdekvayusya And over it. I want to — shoot, I want — leave alive. This is war. Some thought against the government. Naturally, we do from our power not beheld. When Stalin. So farm walking. On workday, it happens, and you go a day or three. A year later you go, bring a bag. A Now, of course, to live … "
My subsequent companion, the leader of the village of Anna Bishop, vociferous and powerful lady. That 80 years! Most Mrs. Anna misses former Skalbishchy full of children’s voices. At the moment, live in the village a few old ones. It is curious that many farm work what Anna learned in Germany. Where she was taken in conjunction with the entire family.

Reporter: "It is for you attitude was as slaves or as people?"
Anna: "Immediately there was given. Coffee with saccharin. We’re hungry. Ate bread as desired. Feed, need to go to work. The morning knocking on my door." Anna, avshteyn. Stand up. "And led to the barn to milk the cows. And I never milked home. And there cattle! Tits — in! NOT compress. Yet because small was. Give, and I milk flies here. It — nothing, nothing. Scolded. trained. Later it began to turn. 5 I milked cows. It was my job. And they praised me. I had three mistresses. German language I learned so fast. And they loved me so, how your baby. Why does not? I will not say anything disgusting. "
Reporter: "You do not hate the Germans?"
Anna: "No. I went with poverty, hunger. Was a war."
Reporter: "I do not want to stay after the war in Germany?"
Anna: "We were released and so the Americans persuaded us to go to America. And eight families left. And I said," Nope. I will not go to America. I’m going home to your own house. "Already sob hunt. Father kissed me," Daughter, go to America. "And the queen:" Where’s daughter, I go. "And where did he go alone? And did not go to America, and went home. "
Reporter: "Are you sorry now? Or ever regretted that …"
Anna: "I do not went to America? Do not regret. And spared. Richer there, I understand. All the same, homeland have a homeland. "
Especially since I’ve been waiting to meet a listener our radio or that opposition sentiment grandmother. But those people, Russian authorities who killed parents, excellent memory and a good sense of heresy. Their hundred-dollar pension no gain for the money. Democratic Front in the neighborhood keeps a former teacher of initial classes Leann Mitko. Tips taken into eternity her father, Anton Popkovich. Only for the fact that he worked in Poland Soltys. Tightened, with a very young voice Mrs. Leanne met I was very upset the match Spain — Our homeland.

Reporter: "But who do you hurt?"
Leann: "And for anybody. Just watched. Who, in the end, prevail? Watching Spaniards. So commentator no longer yelling" Goal! "-" Well, the next ball Russians. "And they just yellowish card second time yellowish. Violation same. They can not follow the rules. Guzzler. And where did we come from so many in Belarus spitaga people? "
Ancient treats me tea. We are talking about politics.
Reporter: "If we imagine that we have a democratically elected parliament. What must do first? "
Leann: "Language first. And that is not one of human rights. To not danced to the tune of one, as currently done. They are sitting there, when you look, head paspuskayuts. And heed."
Ancient occasionally includes its own old telly. To lift the mood is increasingly using the receiver.
Leann: "Listening" Freedom. "I read" People’s Will. "Listen to that, vytarachyvshy eyes, lie-nibudt us what is."
Reporter: "You do not argue with their peers in the village?"
Leann: "Yesterday had read. What was very excellent. No war. I say," Who had attacked us? When? Who we are repulsed. And life do not feel better. There is such a funny story. Grandma stands in the church and praying. "God, do not leave, that pension increment. Not introduced
to increased pension." Father suitable asks, "Grandma, what are you grind?" And she says, "The prices will rise twice. A pension increment is only a little bit."
If people went to such ridiculous stories, they no ideological divisions will not corrode and regulations do not forbid. Funny story — he is born spontaneously. And characterizes our time better all the statistics.

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