Gomel voters supported the opposition

Among the nominees — the former chairman of the Gomel City Council and Executive Committee, member of the UCP Svetlana Goldade three times deputy district council Zinaida Shumilina, multiple chairman of the precinct Election Commission Valery Pankratov, deputy regional council last Misha Pryneslik and others.
Signature in the vicinity gathered at a premium to the party protocols whereby opposition parties put forward their own representatives to the district election commissions.
As said Managing regional UCP Vasily Polyakov, because of certain nominees in the committee of opposition collected 3-5 times more signatures than asking the Election Code. Immediately with collecting signatures activists inform voters about the ability of the role of opposition candidates in the election:
"We also carry out an information campaign. Before our representatives — members activities of the group visit apartments, spread information that we participate in elections only on the condition that our representatives will be in the commissions. "

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