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Now Belarusians USA hold a memorial service near the UN building in New York. Funeral meeting in memory of the victims of the Stalinist regime in Belarus Belarusian youth movement holds America. Association of Belarusian youth of America organized ceremonies and visiting the cemetery on Saturday, November 1.

Belarusian community London Now noted Dzyady morning service in the church of the saints. Peter and Paul and the cemetery of St. dirge. Pancras priests have served on. A.Nadson and Stasevych. After  Association of Belarusians in England organized a meeting with Vladimir Orlov, member of the first mass rally in honor of the memory of days Protz "Dzyady" ruthlessly overclocked KGB and militia in Minsk on October 30, 1988, also with scientists Dr. Pavlina Maria Survila from USA and Dr. Zinaida Gimpelevich from Canada .

In Vilnius Now the area of the cross Lukishki rebels in 1863 was accomplished action dedicated Dzyady, which was organized by the students of the Belarusian "Studalyansa" from YSU.

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