Grandparents unite Belarusians

First mass action to "Dzyady" accomplished 20 years ago, November 30, 1988, and was forcibly dispersed.
Today’s "Dzyady" begins with this same place, with the Eastern cemetery, and that 20 years ago, on 30 October 1988.
Lena Leonovich: "I pinned its hopes that come everyone excited and then it’s called here. Contrary to the authorities, who prepared some" crackdown. "At the moment, no one forbids together and I am sorry that in 20 years there has gathered more than people" .
Arina Vecherko: "You know, I have a very light feel. Indeed itself prazdnichek" Dzyady ", it is very bright for the Belarusians. Indeed, Belarusians, in order to gain power, they come to" Dzyady "and take this power from their own Protz."
Many people also came from other cities and regions of Belarus.
Spades: "With Bobruisk. My name Danuta and I came with her friends and associates. We arrived by train specifically to participate in this action and lay flowers known to our people. We all very much to their liking and take heart: our Belarusian, our national the idea. "
"What do you want today?"
Spades: "You know, for me it is the unity of our civilization. And the fact that there’s a lot of flowers, candles, that they are now together — it makes the present day is very bright."
"Why do you sengnya here?"
Spades: "We wish to support this action." Dzyady "- is our state prazdnichek, our pride and dignity."
What you now "Dzyady"?
Guy: "For me, today’s" Forefathers Eve "- a place and day, where you can experience our national unity and our national spirit. This is what I think is not enough we, Belarusians and where we have a lot of problems. I think" Dzyady "- this is what connects voedinyzhdy Belarusians. Indeed, everyone has their forefathers, and we all have a common national heroes."
"Who are you and why now here? Now you go to the column with a poster ….".
Guy: "Youth of the BPF. Sergei Karpovich I. We came to the Eastern Cemetery to commemorate such recognizable figures as Vasil Bykov, Vladimir Korotkevich and other prominent people of our homeland. Now go to Kurapaty, to commemorate the victims of the Stalinist regime. I hope that this march will endure many years later and people will keep in mind about the criminal regime. "
 "You go with the whole family with a small child, and why?"
Spades: "Our four offspring we took the first time on" Dzyady. "Because there are traditions that kids need to know from childhood."
Spades: "I love our Belarus, love our white-red-white flag. Why do we go to Kurapaty? Indeed need prayer. Example, I go there just to pray for them. Very principled prayer in order to our Belarus was really free, Belarusian, happy and with God. "

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