Grodno vertical fool Lukashenko

The last point to severe administrative inspection in step became Dvorishche municipal equestrian coach Natalia Yuranova. Seen her outraged:
"The minutes of the orders of the president says:" Executive Committee will complete construction manezhu in 2006. "They have created a transport for 2007 and reported that passed in 2006. Documents have not shown us. Whom fools keep?"
Remember that the federation is headed by managing director Presidential Administration Sovereign Domashkevich. Neuzh it difficult for him to apply power? Ms. Natalya shrugs:
"I speak to him in person only at the event, we can not really get through to him. Yet let versed State control …"

Three years reversed on site manezhu size of 24 by 60 meters was water — leaking roof. Now it had been blocked zakamenevshim manure and sand. From helping koneferme refused unitary local agricultural enterprise "Niva". And Meanwhile in Dvorishche grown horse champions, among which, for example, a favorite of the world, 15-year-old stallion Head. Director, Honored coach of Belarus Vladimir Jurkiewicz considered tragic situation:
"This horse does not issue a walk. Stables in disrepair — the roof could fall at any moment. Sovhoz boards can no longer give. Salaries less than a pension. Housing problem can not be solved — 20 years is not isolated to any employee. We superfluous, unwanted people. Requested near half a million on the rubber to go to the competition — "very much want!" In the employment center wrote a letter to make the school reinforced fence, as near a kindergarten, school. Horses — animals are unpredictable. Nearly three a day or reverse and the horses and riders fell — stallions rushed through the village. Thankfully, everything worked, but was again denied. While PE will not, not man for autumn … "
Three years reversed in the bailey of the town moved abezdchytsa sports horses Natalia Veraninava. According to her — fanatically given work. Here that readand I then:

"Well, how do you think if I threw the city and come here? After all, there horses, sports, enthusiasm, team’s best coach of Belarus — Jurkiewicz. Equestrian school’s Court brought much fame. Petukhov Ruslan Lyskovets Valery in Germany, Holland — they Dvorishche. Vasily Ivanov, my neighbor, the Czech Republic on the world rankings acts … "
Natalia currently forced to work in Poland, says the Sovereign Jurkiewicz:
"In Poland, receives $ 500 and more than 200 thousand after Belarusian rubles. 9 people I graduated from the academy fizvyhavannya. Leaving only Stepanenko, a favorite of the world in the midst of the military, the best rider of the country — because it keeps the horse. Head — the last hope, but after a few years of exposure unclear where … "

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