Hague court on the bench were three empty seats

In the first half of the 90s was the chief Stojan Zupljanin intelligence services of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia. International Court of Justice for the former Yugoslavia blames his sins against Croats and Muslims in the region of the town of Banja Luka in 1992-1995. Indictment contains 12 episodes, including torture and murder during the ethnic cleansing that was carried out Serb forces in Bosnia.
Zupljanin’s arrest was one of the criterion for continuing the process of Serbia’s integration into the European Union.
Total Hague court for the former Yugoslavia brought charges in military sins 161 person, 55 people were found guilty and convicted, 9 — acquitted, 36 cases were terminated for various reasons, including and with the death of the defendants.
Court case with the countries of the former Yugoslavia have developed very difficult. Serbiya started to cooperate with the court only after removal from power in 2000, Slobodan Milosevic. In June 2001, under pressure from Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, was arrested and extradited to The Hague last Yugoslav President Milosevic. Manage court more than once blamed Belgrade missing cooperation, the U.S. and EU countries set condition economic aid and European integration issue of war criminals to The Hague.
In 2005 The EU has stopped negotiations with Croatia on its accession to the EU, while the court will not be given General Ante Gatovina, which many considered a hero in Croatia and fighter for national independence, and the court — the military offender. After 2005 General Gatovina was arrested and sent to The Hague.
Stojan Zupljanin was one of four persons, which soon Court wanted to build at a very. Three others remain at large: it Radovan Karadzic — last favorite of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia, the ideologist and organizer of the 1992-1995 war, General Ratko Mladic — the last manager compounds Bosnian Serb military, one of the main charges against him — the Srebrenica massacre, where he wasof several thousand Muslims were killed, and Goran Hadzic — the last favorite breakaway Republic of Serbian Krajina in Croatia.

The arrest of Stojan Zupljanin — a reminder that for the atrocities in the murder and torture of people, whatever the highest goals that can cover, at some point you have to respond.

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