HC of NEVZ-Soyuz and innovative company Siberian nanomaterials to cooperate in the production of nanoceramics

It so happened that the two companies — and the young innovative NSKnano, and has long been known in the Novosibirsk market NEVZ-Union (former electric vacuum plant) been looking for partners outside the Novosibirsk region. And literally found nearby.

We are manufacturers of nanopowders were looking for partners that could finance further research, — The general director of OOO "Siberian nanomaterials" Sergei Popov. — But it turned out that we had close to a serious user of our products. We agreed to cooperate, the only thing we do share is that our R &D stage of development are.

Enterprises actually agreed that NEVZ-Seyuz, a major manufacturer of technical ceramics, will test the properties of nanopowders developed NSKnano, and their suitability for high-quality AlN ceramic substrates. This is one of the new areas in the plant, such pottery has a very high thermal conductivity and has a wide range of applications. Previously, the raw material for the production of NEVZ-Union received only from abroad, because the Russian loses in quality. Now, after preliminary tests, the company can replace Western domestic raw materials manufactured in the Novosibirsk region.

This contract is promising from all points of view, — The director of the Novosibirsk regional fund to support science and innovation Boris Ivlev. — Now NSKnano already involved in the release of the initial batch of products, and they have a contract with a number of companies outside of the area to which the company supplies its powders. The company has also established links with research institutes of Akademgorodok, which interact with on nanoceramic NEVZ-Union. I believe that in the long term on the basis of these agreements, it is possible to open a new plant in Novosibirsk for the production nanoceramics.

As stressed by Boris Ivlev, Western companies never reveal their achievements and Russian technology. So the only way forward for us — to conduct their own research and develop their own technologies.

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