Health Centre for Children in Reutov opened after renovation

The unique health care facility located in the territory of Reutova again opened its doors to children and their parents. The room, which occupies Health Centre, was repaired. The building has new windows, modern suspended ceilings, and floors sparkle shiny tiles.
Health Centre for Children operates in the framework of the program of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation to promote healthy lifestyles. In Reutovo it exists since 2009. Here, have a diverse counseling for expectant mothers, psychological conduct training sessions for parents and toddlers diagnosed with various developmental disorders of children.
The institution is pediatricians, children's speech therapist, psychologist, an endocrinologist, a specialist in children's massage. Head of the center Tatiana Tulenkova — candidate of medical sciences, as well as neonatologists: a children's doctor who monitors and provides care for children from a very early age. In addition, Tatiana spends with the children lessons in physical therapy.

Women who are preparing to become mothers, come here for preparatory classes. The courses of the birth of a healthy baby center specialists explain how to prepare for the birth of the baby, how to properly care for the child, what to do in an emergency. It is important that physicians apply an individual approach to each woman, and then — to each child.
Many parents continue to monitor your child and once again come to the health center for children after birth. The center has developed a special diagnostic program. It is designed for three age groups: one to three months from three months to a year, and from year to three years. Newborn baby's first step takes neonatologists. If the specialist determines the deviation in the development of the child, he sends it to special preventive procedures. For example, in the center of immersion is carried out dry. This method is based on a reduction of the forces of gravity. The procedure improves blood circulation kid, reduces anxiety, helps the child develop better.

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